Dunces and Doctrines: Obama’s Foreign Policy According to The Atlantic

Jeffrey Goldberg has the April Fool’s cover of The Atlantic this Spring, a confectioner’s assessment of seven some odd years of the Team Obama foreign policy. Celebrity journalism is usually classified as either an orchid or an onion. Either/or because there are few media outlets these days that are truly “fair and balanced.” The politics of the left, and far left, dominate most political coverage today. Goldberg’s treatment of the Obama years is no exception.                       Political correctness is the dominant approach of 21st Century journalism. The Atlantic is a pioneer with that genre. No surprise then that this first of many forthcoming Obama presidency media report cards, 22,000 words long, is an orchid; indeed, a veritable bouquet of muddled apologetics and pettifoggery.  Goldberg doesn’t specifically claim that...(Read Full Article)