A Millennial in Support of Ted Cruz

It is no secret that millennials are supporting the perceived anti-establishment candidates –– Donald Trump on the right and Bernie Sanders on the left.  Being a millennial myself, I have had several discussions with my politically engaged friends about why our generation is attracted to these candidates. In regards to Sanders, I feel that some in our generation believe he is trustworthy, albeit as trustworthy as you think a socialist can be, and see him as a man who has been "fightin' the good fight."  I believe that our generation is more prone to seeing socialism in an academic light due to portrayals of different socialist theories that are vastly different from the historic realities of socialism.  In the majority of colleges and universities, socialist theories are taught as if their implementation would lead to some sort of fantastical utopia (and free college), which is precisely opposite the lessons history has taught (some of)...(Read Full Article)