A Great Political Realignment is Underway

The Super Tuesday results confirm it.  A revolution is underway in the Republican Party.  It promises to shakeup politics in the nation come November.  It may realign the parties longer term and chart a new course for the nation for a generation.    The overthrow of the GOP establishment is in full swing.  It’s an insurgency, with GOP primaries and caucuses setting records for turnout.  Part of that turnout is new voters.  Democrats, for example, are switching to the GOP in Massachusetts; that’s Trump-driven, and a bad omen for Democrats in November.  Democrats’ turnout is depressed.    The Republican Party’s trials are, in no small measure, thanks to energized conservatives.  It’s about two candidates, Trump and Cruz, who though battling each other for the nomination, have galvanized conservative voters, thereby isolating the establishment, something outsider candidates failed to...(Read Full Article)