You Cannot Support Israel’s Existence (and Ours) and Vote Democratic This Election

The Iowa Democratic caucus which I’ve already described as akin to the Marxist Zimbabwe Farmers-workers confabs is over, and it appears -- as Mark Steyn ably notes -- “almost certain” that Hillary Clinton did not win it.  If Iowa were one of those banana republics in which the president-for-life has been prevailed upon to hold an election and Jimmy Carter and a bunch of UN observers had flown in to certify it, none of the above would pass muster. But in the Democrat Party it does: [snip]  In effect, Hillary and Bernie fought Iowa to a draw. But a miss is a good as a mile and, as I said on Tuesday, Sanders needed the headline "BERNIE WINS!” and all Mrs. Clinton had to do was figure out a way to deny him that. The squalid and repulsive rules of her caucus helped her do that. [/quote] The kerfuffles over the caucus served as cover for the fact that the administration’s foreign and domestic policies render ourselves and our...(Read Full Article)