Yale Professor on Nazi Environmentalism: So Close, yet So Far

In the opening chapters of Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning, Yale professor Timothy Snyder forcefully acknowledged what he calls the "ecological" Anti-Semitism of the Führer: "[a]n instructive account of the mass murder of the Jews of Europe must be planetary, because Hitler's thought was ecological, treating Jews as a wound of nature."  In spite of such an assertion, however, the great caveat of Snyder's book is that he inexplicably fails to discuss the Nazi ecological historical record that should have informed his thesis.  Snyder goes on to reduce Hitler's racial ecological worldview to a strict Malthusian war over natural resources, which leads him to faulty conclusions at the end of his book. (Masquerading as science, Malthusian math is the longstanding myth that there are too many people relative to shrinking natural resources that has been at the very heart of the green movement for well over a...(Read Full Article)