Why Right-Wing Pundits Assail the Righteous Anger of Patriots

Throughout his writings, Reverend Martin Luther King explained that white moderates who claimed friendship to the negro cause but rejected social disorder and cautioned patience and calm were more of a stumbling block to freedom than the frank racists of the KKK.  That stumbling block to change seems to be recreated in the psychology of many prominent conservatives writing about the current presidential election.  The permeating subtext across the writing of elite conservatives ranges from concern to contempt to fear of the righteous anger of patriotic Americans. Anger is the fuel of political freedom.  The misconstruction of right-wing anger by conservative elites is becoming more of a stumbling block to saving the Republic than the open hatred of conservatism by the left.  Radio conservatives are interacting with real people, so they tend to be more open to the justified anger of their listeners.  But many elite conservative writers read like heads...(Read Full Article)