Who Received Hillary's Secret Emails?

Congressman Darrell Issa has predicted that Hillary and Huma will never be indicted for leaking top-secret information through their illegal email scam.

"I think the FBI director would like to indict both Huma and Hillary as we speak," the Republican heavyweight told the Washington Examiner Thursday[.] ... "I think he's in a position where he's being forced to triple-time make a case of what would otherwise be, what they call, a slam dunk[.] … You can't have 1,300 highly sensitive emails that contain highly sensitive material that's taken all, or in part from classified documents, and have it be an accident[.] … There's no question, she knew she had a responsibility and she circumvented it. And she circumvented it a second time when she knowingly let highly-classified material get onto emails in an unclassified format."

Issa's comments come just two days after former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, claimed he has friends in the FBI who "tell [him] they're ready to indict and they're ready to recommend an indictment. ... They also say that if the attorney general does not indict, they're going public," DeLay said Tuesday during an interview on Newsmax TV.

If H&H are not indicted soon, FBI and DOJ career lawyers may retaliate by leaking additional evidence about Hillary's criminal, irresponsible, and dangerous malfeasance in high office.  Hillary is therefore deeply implicated in the worst hostile penetration of the U.S. government since Stalin.

Huma's lifelong collaboration with the Nazi-era Muslim Brotherhood has been thoroughly documented.  Four Americans died in Benghazi while Hillary and Obama dodged their constitutional responsibility to order U.S. rescue forces to knock down attackers belonging to al-Qaeda in the Maghreb (AQIM) – apparently because Obama was convinced he could do a deal with al-Qaeda. We know how well that worked out.

Our Cairo embassy was assaulted by an organized jihad mob on the same day – 9/11/12 – and the Ikhwan was almost certainly involved in both assaults.  Mohammed Morsi, the Ikhwan chieftain, was president at that time and was therefore responsible under international law for protecting the American embassy in Cairo.

We now know a great deal about Hillary's email scam, but we do not know the most crucial pieces – namely, who received Hillary's and Huma's secret emails?  Emails have recipients.  In the case of the Clintons, they also have quid pro quos.  When Hillary's confidants deliberately removed USG classification markers from the State Department's secure email system, they engaged in criminal violations of the U.S. Code, including forgery by deletion of legally required classification labels.  Others, like General Petraeus, have been convicted for far less egregious violations of law.

The Constitution states that impeachment and trial by the Senate apply to the secretary of state (Article II).  If we had a U.S. Congress worth its salt, Hillary would already be in the dock.

We have not been told – yet – who received Hillary's emails.  But we can make reasonable guesses, because we know the Clintons.  They will happily sell out national security for big money, just as in Bill's eight years.  The Clintons welcomed White House visitors with known links to the Chinese mafia, because they were shielded by the most treacherous and corrupt media in American history.  Without media collusion, the Clintons would have been gone long ago, along with the Obamas.  But Clinton/Obama sleaze reflects the entire Democrat/RINO/media complex.  The fish rots from the head and from the tail.

So where did Hillary and Huma send those emails?

Here are some guesses.

1. To Bill Clinton, who was almost certainly in collusion with H&H, and to Sid "Vicious" Blumenthal.

2. To the Saudis, including Walid Bin Talal and Mohammed Salman, the new "defense minister" of Saudi Arabia, who is the very aggressive power behind the Saudi king.  (King Salman is said to be suffering from senile dementia).

The former head of the Wahhabi priesthood just told the world that ISIS's bloodthirsty campaign is following religiously sanctioned jihad.  Just to give you some idea about our friends the Saudis, they are unbelievably primitive.

Other likely email recipients:

3. Jihad supporters in Kuwait, Qatar, and the UAE.

4. The mullahs and their enablers in Iran and Dubai.

5. European politicians and businesses who made big money from Obama's surrender to Iranian nukes.  Germany has tripled its nuclear machinery sales to Iran since Obama's surrender "agreement."

6. George Soros, the biggest string-pulling money man in the Democratic Party.

7. Above all, the Muslim Brotherhood, including Huma's family, a major jihadist network with tentacles in Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Libya, Turkey, and other Sunni countries.

The mass murderers of ISIS are also a product of the Ikhwan, the Muslim Broederbund, along with Gulf oil kleptocracies.

Early in this administration, Obama supported the Egyptian Ikhwan in its successful effort to overthrow President Hosni Mubarak.  The coup against Mubarak was then reversed by Egypt's political-military establishment, which is all too familiar with the murderous fanaticism of the Moobs.

Today a mainstream political general, El-Sisi, has taken over in Egypt, and the regime is at open war with the Ikhwan, which also spawned Hamas and forty years ago assassinated Anwar Sadat for making peace with Israel.

The Ikhwan is now allied with ISIS in the Sinai Desert, whence it launches attacks on Egypt.

Just as there is no doubt whom Obama and Hillary were helping in the Benghazi betrayal, there is no doubt who their friends are in the email scam.  Some reports claim that Obama's own email practices are just as shady as Hillary's, which puts the White House in yet another flaming conflict of interest.  The email scam displays a mix of gross incompetence and criminal intent that is typical of the Obama/Clinton years.  They simply don't care, because they know they have establishment protection.

The U.S. has had similar periods of corruption – after the Civil War, for example.  But we were not a nuclear power then, and post-Civil War corruption did not endanger the entire world.  Today's Obama/Clinton sleaze is closely linked to Obama's destruction of sixty years of Pax Americana, which has already killed hundreds of thousands in Syria.

Bare-faced violations of law at the top also corrupt and demoralize other levels of government, as well as those who depend on the United States to say alive in an increasingly dangerous world.

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