Trump and the Culture War

Our corrupt media keep yelling that Donald Trump is a totally new and scary thing in America. He insults people! (Just like the Washington Post and the New York Times). He is a threat to the Establishment! (Just like Abe Lincoln.) He talks like a normal guy! (Just like Harry Truman). 

Oh, Woe is Us! 

My dream ticket is Trump-Cruz or Cruz-Trump, but the real war is not between them. It’s between Right and Wrong (aka “Left”). We all know the future of our country is at stake. Obama is nothing but a totalitarian at heart, and the Democrats are still the party that protected KGB agents in the U.S. Government during the Stalin era, just as they are protecting Ikhwan agents today. 

For the hard Left, Jihad is just another ally, like Hitler and Stalin. 

This is as dangerous as it gets. 

Your country is more important than one candidate. 

Please think about that. 

In our epic war of Right vs. Wrong, Trump defeats the media cartel, day after day. Nobody has done that since Reagan. Ted Cruz is an excellent candidate, but Trump has already accomplished the impossible -- and he doesn’t get any credit for it from conservatives. In fact, our elites keep missing the significance of Trump’s constant suckering of the media. 

Conservative thinkers have forgotten that strategically the media are our bitter enemies. Conservative writers think they are part of the media, but they exist purely on sufferance, to cover the nakedness of the Organs of Propaganda. We can never forget that U.S. ‘liberals” of this generation are not liberals at all; they have fallen back into ruthless Leftism, just like the old days of Joe Stalin. This is the Left that threw Lawrence Summers out as president of Harvard for wondering out loud whether some boys are just better in math than girls. This is the Left that keeps imposing ever-harsher speech and behavior codes on college students, with white guys as the official scapegoats. This Left manipulates universities by mob threats. This is the Left that tried to physically attack General David Petraeus at NYU, so he had to run for it. This is the Left that deliberately stirs up race hatred, as in Ferguson and Baltimore. This is the Left that has made common cause with primitive jihadist regimes in Europe and the U.S. 

Want more examples? Just read the news. 

The hard Left gained power in the Sixties and Seventies, and they intend to cling to it whatever it takes. That is why conservatives keep losing, though a majority of Americans think like us. 

Let me repeat that: Strategically, the One Party media are the enemy. 

This is a culture war, but with every terrorist attack you can bet that the Left is in collusion, one way or another. Obama refuses to label Jihad as War against us, and he has imposed crippling limitations on the FBI, DOJ, CIA, DHS, the Pentagon, and your local cops. Obama, Hillary and the rest are taking Jihadist oil money from the usual suspects, and every day the One Party Media run Jihad coverups. 

Wars are won by superior strategy, supported by excellent tactics, but not the other way around. You can have the best soldiers in the world but you also need great strategy, and the leaders to plan and execute it. 

The media are our strategic enemy. 

This cannot be said often enough. 

If Obama and Hillary disappeared tomorrow, the Party Media would just find another brain-locked ideologue to take their place. Obama is replaceable, but the media are forever. 

Or at least they think so. 

Karl Marx was a truly despicable human being, but he was an agitator of genius. Marx’s top rule was “First, Conquer the Organs of Propaganda.” Marx grew up in Prussia, and he knew how that worked. 

Wherever the Left takes over, total control over public discourse is its first priority. The Left has no conscience, no intelligent plan, no track record of positive achievement. They leave a huge trail of blood in their wake wherever they go. 

If Americans were not media-bombed every single minute of the day, they might remember that. 

The media are the strategic enemy. 

But Trump keeps beating them at their own game, by making the noisiest headlines. And yes, Trump’s media bombs are pretty awful, but for the first time since Reagan, American conservatives are reaching the people. Think about that for a second. 

(And notice that Trump takes back his verbal bombs the next day, while the media are still stuck on the first headline.) 

I don’t like a single one of Trump’s headline-grabbing vulgarities. Politics shouldn’t be like that. But it is like that -- and the Left has made it so. Believe it or not, our public discourse used to be much more decent, tolerant, and balanced. 

But this is war, and war is not nice. The only thing worse than war is defeat.  

If you can’t tolerate the only way any Republican has found to beat the Party Line, just consider the alternative. Trump has executed the only winning media strategy since the Boomer Left stole our culture. 

The bottom line is whether you want the country to win or lose. Period.

This is going to be a watershed election, whether you and I like it or not. Our future is at stake. 

Sometimes, extreme maladies call for extreme cures. 

Bad language is not the worst thing, considering the alternative.