The Sanders/Clinton Rocky Horror Show: A Sneak Peek

During a recent debate, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton gave us a sneak-peek coming attractions preview of what to expect from their presidencies, if elected: it'spretty scary, folks.

Quick to attack any and all opposition with her you're-abusing-me-victim card, Hillary claimed Sanders victimized her with a “very artful smear.” As president, Hillary will exploit her gender to the max.

The mainstream media will help the first woman president further their shared progressive/socialistic agenda; ready on demand to hand Hillary a red hot branding-iron to burn an “S” for sexist on the forehead of anyone who dares to oppose her. Petrified of allegations of sexism by the MSM, the GOP establishment will respond to Hillary's executive orders and unconstitutional actions with a humble, “Yes, Madam President.” Haven't we seen this movie before with a black guy in the lead role?

GOP presidential contenders Cruz and Rubio have not cited being Hispanic as a reason to vote for them. Black contender Dr. Carson is running on the content of his character rather than the color of his skin. Note that the MSM have been mute regarding the historical aspect of electing America's first Hispanic president. The MSM have been relentless in their attempts to convince voters that Dr. Carson is not authentically black; the guy thinks too white, void of a victim chip on his shoulder.

Meanwhile, the MSM, Democrats and Hillary promote that her gender alone is a moral and just reason to put the first woman in the White House, placing gender above all else, including character, qualifications, and agenda.

Out of one side of her mouth Hillary says considering her gender is sexist. Out of the other side of her mouth, Hillary says vote for me because I'm a woman.

As I stated, Hillary's number one political weapon is to portray herself as a victim, suffering aggression from powerful white men. Early in the campaign, Hillary hit Sanders with her sexism card. Embarrassingly, Hillary spins every challenge into an invasion of her space, a case of beating-up-on-the-girl.

This morally bankrupt woman is a political version of “Sybil.” One Hillary personality angrily screams, “I am woman, hear me roar!” When confronted, another Hillary takes over, “Be nice to me because I'm a woman.” When caught lying, a third Hillary surfaces, “Gee, I didn't know and cannot be held accountable.”

If this is Hillary's behavior during the campaign, rest assured she will be ten times worse in the White House. Americans would relish a strong female leader like a Margret Thatcher. The last thing our country wants is another compulsive-liar, whining, manipulative, and pathetic victim and Buck-passer-in-Chief.

Bernie Sanders said he has a real problem with people earning $200,000 for an hour's work. Folks, Sanders' mindset is un-American. Given the power, this man will destroy the very foundation upon which our country was built -- the freedom to pursue your wildest dreams without limits on your ability to achieve. The pilgrims tried socialism and it failed

William Bradford realized everyone working together, receiving an equal share was not working. Some folks worked hard while others were slackers (my cousin Vernon). Well, duh! Anyway, Bradford gave everyone their own land to work for their families. The results were spectacular. Suddenly, the pilgrims produced so much that they began trading and selling (capitalism). Clearly, Sanders is clueless regarding capitalism and supply and demand. We cannot allow Sanders' un-American vision anywhere near our Oval Office, folks.

I remember when baseball superstar Cal Ripken, Jr. signed a 3-year contract for $12 million. Critics had a cow. They said it was immoral to pay a baseball player so much more than a teacher. While this sounds good to those consumed with class envy, their reasoning is severely flawed. Ripken's performance on the field, leading the Orioles to the World Series, generated mega-millions to his team and the Baltimore economy. Isn't it reasonable that Ripken participate in the bounty from his excellence, his hourly wage exceeding far above that of a teacher?

Sanders appeals to voter's base instincts, covetousness (class envy). He desires centralized government power to control peoples' behavior, spreading mediocrity equally. Liberalism is like a pot of Maryland blue crabs. They grab the legs and pull back any crab that tries to escape to freedom; to achieve more. In Sanders' America, no one has more than anyone else. Government mandates that we drive tin-can deathtraps while liberal elites travel in limos and private jets; simply writing a check for carbon credits.

Another disturbing truth about Sanders and his Democrat homeys is their divisiveness, always encouraging Americans to envy and hate. Democrats promote hating police, white men, achievers, employers, Christians, football, Republicans, and Conservatives.

Democrats try to guilt-trip Americans into hating keeping score at school sporting events -- kids playing dodgeball and tag -- anyone proud to be an American, anyone proud of being heterosexual, those who oppose murdering babies and selling their heads, white parents who read bedtime stories to their kids, those who own guns to hunt and protect their families, those who believe in traditional marriage, and those who believe in absolute right and wrong.

I could go on and on with examples of how Democrats seek to destroy every principle, value, and institution that have made America great and that most Americans hold dear. Democrats hide their evil socialist/progressive intended transformation of America beneath a shroud of faux compassion. Everything coming out of the Democratic Party is either anti-God or anti-American.

I unequivocally trust only one GOP presidential candidate to aggressively act to turn our country around, Ted Cruz.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

Chairman: The Conservative Campaign Committee

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