Suicidal Overcompensation in Germany

Back in the days when Garrison Keillor was still funny, he told stories about the pioneering settlers who founded Lake Woebegon, Minnesota in the 19th century.  In the story, Norwegian immigrants settled in the coldest part of Minnesota because it reminded them of home – and then, when winter came, they remembered why they had left there in the first place.  German Catholics wandered into Lake Woebegon by mistake, "but they refused to admit it."

So they stayed.

Today, Angela Merkel's Germany is making another suicidal gesture by opening the borders to tens of thousands of predatory, war-indoctrinated jihadis – young men of military age, who have been taught to despise, hate, and beat up anybody outside their own Muslim sect.  They are indoctrinated in war theology – the last major war theology on Earth.  Merkel and the EU have drifted into this suicidal fiasco by mistake – but they still refuse to admit it.

It's the German Catholics and Lake Woebegon again.  Sweden and Germany (especially Prussia) have a long folk reputation for getting completely stuck in whatever the current absolutist ideology happens to be.  This kind of fanatical belief led to centuries of bloody warfare between German-speaking Lutherans and Catholics.  Then it was Prussian imperialism with Frederick the Great and later Bismarck, who turned the independent provinces of Germany into one unified and self-glorifying Reich.  Prussian egomania turned into Karl Marx's "philosophy" and Richard Wagner's ideology in 1848; Marx preached revolutionary terror, and Wagner led directly to Hitler.  But the absolutist pathology over there was still the same.  Only the slogans changed.

Today Angela Merkel and the EU preach peace, peace, but they stupidly let in 50 million easily indoctrinated Muslims – so there will be no peace.  Isaiah (48:22) was right again.  The Swedes, Germans, and French still yearn for that Napoleonic absolutism, and the EU is always frantically denying that it plans to become another Roman Empire.

Methinks they do protest too much.

After Hitler and the Holocaust, West Germany had a long period of stability, under American defense guarantees, and many West Germans repented of the most disastrous mass regression in European history, the Nazi period.  At the same time, East Germany under Soviet control refused to take any responsibility for the Nazi past, including the ex-Nazis themselves.  It is difficult for human beings to confess to overwhelming guilt.  People who lived under Stalin had their own Holodomor and Siberian concentration camps, and humankind cannot bear much reality.

When the Berlin Wall went down around 1990, East and West Germany merged – two halves of a troubled country with totally different ideologies and blame for the past.  The unexpurgated ghosts of that past reared their ugly heads again.  Rational adult responsibility for Hitler turned into compulsive self-loathing, which was as insane in its own way as all the other absolutist beliefs of the past.  Multiculturalism took over as an irrational overcompensation for the sins of the fathers, who were long dead by the time the multicult took hold.

The biblical wisdom is that children cannot be blamed for the sins of the fathers.  Public guilt-tripping for the Holocaust was mighty convenient for the hard left, which never repented of 100 million victims of Marxist regimes in the 20th century (still growing in North Korea today).

Freud thought that mental illnesses were irrational exaggerations of normal emotions.  Paranoids suffer from intolerable suspicion about hidden forces, but there is such a thing as reasonable suspicion.  Severe depression is the extreme of normal sadness, driven by irrational perfectionism.  Anxiety disorders involve dysfunctional fears, but sane fear is a very healthy thing when a big truck is bearing down on you.  Islamophobia is a fantasy disease manufactured by the Organs of Propaganda, but legitimate fear of jihad is completely sane.

German-Swedish-French perfectionism and self-loathing are national manifestations of the same disorders we see in individuals.  If you're haunted by deeply irrational self-loathing, insane fear, or suspicion, the answer is not to swing to the opposite extreme.  Psychotherapists see reaction formations like that all the time, and extreme emotional swings can destroy the road to health.

Still – Angela Merkel overcompensated to an insane extreme when she opened Europe's borders to the closest thing to the Nazis since Hitler. This is a madness of Europe's political elites.

ISIS is not at all different from the sadistic mass murders committed by the Nazis and by Stalin.  War ideologies are pretty much the same; only the uniforms, the hats, and the flags change.  What we see on ISIS murder videos is a bunch of adolescent males wearing Halloween outfits while they boast about murdering and abusing children and other innocents, who happen to believe in the wrong things.  The Hitler Jugend was an earlier manifestation of ISIS, with different hats and flags.  Human war cults are paranoid groups that shut out reality by mouthing the same stupid slogans over and over again until they themselves believe them.  Mao's Red Guards killed their own teachers, Pol Pot targeted people wearing glasses, and Jim Jones did it with poisoned Kool-Aid.  His followers were ordinary people from San Francisco who were desperate for some meaning and purpose in their lives.  Murder cults are amazingly stereotypical.

The biggest mistake Europe's ruling classes made was "multiculturalism": glorifying dysfunctional tribal cultures and spreading hatred against the successful West and Christianity.  The multicult has now been denounced by Merkel, by Britain's David Cameron, Tony Blair, and other big politicians, but you can't wipe out decades of heavy indoctrination in one day.

The European and U.S. left wing hammered multi-cultism into millions of human heads, 24 hours a day, shoving it down in the schools and insisting on perverse glorification of violent tribal groups, like Muslim Somalis in Minneapolis.

The Multi Cult forbade rational thinking about importing violent Muslims and their hate-preaching imams.

The current wave of holy war began with the rise of OPEC in the 1970s, as per Mohammed's specs from the Arabian desert 1,400 years ago.  Saudi super-billionaire Walid bin Talal has just promised another 35 million dollars for Muslim expansion in the West.  Holy struggle doesn't have to be violent; if you kowtow to them completely, they are happy to accept your surrender.  But they'll watch you ever after for good behavior, and walking away is punishable by death.

Jihad adapts its tactics to the enemy, but it never drops the goal of global conquest.  This is not a secret; our ruling classes and media are not as stupid as they pretend to be.

They know.

The European Union never has to face an election.  Eurosocialist politicians have lifetime tenure, and when they make ruinous mistakes, they always escape any blame.  The euro currency has been a catastrophe for the weaker economies of Europe – all except Germany and France.  Importing 50 million easily radicalized Muslims was a history-making suicidal blunder, but nobody is allowed to say so, even today.  Cannibalizing their defenses to feed the welfare state was yet another mind-boggling mistake.  In the real world, suicidal mistakes are punished by reality, or by other people.  Socialism evades any consequences.

When Obama withdrew U.S. protection, Europe suddenly became vulnerable to Putin and jihad.  Even so-called "conservative" (i.e., sane) newspapers over there can't bring themselves to tell the truth.  The EU and its national elites own the media.  Not all Europeans are blind to these gross, delusional mistakes.  Millions of people see it happening, and they are afraid.  But this bunch of Eurosocialist rulers are just as deaf and dumb as the Soviet apparatchiks were.  They can see their delusions crumbling, but they can't stop it.

The EU has a perfect formula for endemic corruption and betrayal, and Muslim regimes have always practiced political baksheesh.  All the Saudis had to do was to import their own ancient political culture along with the mosques they built all over the place.  Under Multi-Cult Jacques Chirac, Dominique de Villepin and Kofi Annan took big money from Saddam Hussein, money that was intended to feed Iraqi children.  Nicolas Sarkozy took 50 million dollars from Moammar Gaddafi.  Helmuth Kohl sold out to Putin's Gazprom, the Russian energy giant.  The media shut their eyes.

Today the London Daily Telegraph claims that 261 British politicians are directly implicated in child sexual abuse rings in the U.K., but they are never exposed.  The BBC covered up their own child sex abuse scandal for decades.  Every writer about Islam has known that underage sexual abuse is endemic in the Muslim world, following the example of the perfect man, Mohammed.  Occasionally another "Asian" (Muslim) child abuse gang is arrested in the U.K., but the cops can never catch up.  They can't even go into no-go zones in London.  Nobody can purge the rot, because everybody is either on the take or open to blackmail.

The Cambridge Spy Ring of the 1930s were gay college students who were easily suborned by the KGB.  Today gay sex is legal, but child abuse is not, and to hostile regimes it's an obvious blackmail trick.  In the U.S., Bill Clinton was caught going to Jeffrey Epstein's Lolita Island off the Florida coast, and yes, Mr. Epstein did have videocams recording what was going on.

Nobody has ever told the U.S. public all the blackmail possibilities, but we know that unidentified hackers have stolen hundreds of personal identities of many federal officials.  Hillary and Huma's email scam was a wide open invitation for predatory hackers from Russia, Iran, China, Israel, the EU, and all the rest.  Once you can read hundreds of Hillary's SecState emails, it's a lot easier to break into more secure systems.

Any sentient person now knows that Obama and Hillary are Eurosocialists.  Chicago is a sort of Eurosocialist political machine.  Obama's mentor is Emil Jones, the "godfather" of the Illinois Machine, and Michelle's father was a Chicago ward boss.  Chicago is also a baksheesh culture.  It makes Chicago Muslims feel right at home.

The West has cooked up this devil's brew with the active help of hostile regimes.  Angela Merkel will never admit to being wrong about the jihad invasion, because German politicians can't admit mistakes.  The Euroclass keep committing lethal blunders, but they're afraid that public exposure will bring Dr. Guillotin to their door, just as with Marie Antoinette.  Muslim infiltration by money, blackmail, and jihad immigration is still out of control.  Fear of major terrorist attacks has now been added to all the other levers of manipulation controlled by the likes of the Saudis and Iran, primitive regimes that keep promising to go nuclear ASAP.

Europe is still the second richest economy per capita, with more than 300 million productive people.  It still has no serious defensive capacity, because Uncle Sam took care of all that – until Obama pulled out the rug.  Now Europe has sacrificed any serious defense capacity, and Uncle Sam has walked off.

Europe has been emasculated by two generations of anti-male, anti-realist, fantasy propaganda.  The last time I spent some time in Denmark and Sweden, the gay scene – both male and female – seemed to be all the rage.  I don't have statistical evidence, but it's easy to see.

When Obama gave his first "Look at me, citizens of the world!" speech in Berlin in 2008, he first wanted to talk at the Brandenburg Gate.  Instead, the Germans proposed the Siegesaule Platz, the center of the gay scene in Berlin.  Maybe it was the mayor's sense of humor.  American television audiences didn't get a chance to see Obama's audience, but the scuttlebutt was that that nude gay couples were enjoying the sunshine on the grass while Obama paraded his ego.

Wikipedia tell us that "Siegessäule ('Victory Column') is derived from, a phallus-shaped Berlin monument located near a (gay) cruising area in the Tiergarten park" (Berlin Zoo).

Everybody over there understood the joke, but nobody told Americans.  The Victory Column celebrates Prussia's victory over France in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870.  Otto von Bismarck ruled Prussia at the time, and the war was part of his campaign to unite all the German-speaking provinces under Berlin's control in a single Reich.  Bismarck's unification of Germany led directly to World War I, which led directly to World War II and the Cold War.  It's useful to know a little history.

Eurosocialism has now managed to swing Europe away from its bloody past, which seems like a good idea.  But under Angela Merkel the Germans have also managed to emasculate themselves, in another one of those pathological swings from one extreme to the other.  The EU proclaims its peaceful intentions at the top of its voice, just like Stalin's Soviet Union.

But Merkel's ground-kissing bow to the rapefugees tells us that Europe still hasn't found a sane political balance.

Europe has only switched one political pathology for another one.

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