A Government We Deserve -- or One We Need?

A critic of the French Revolution, Joseph de Maistre, is said to be first to proclaim that “a country gets the government it deserves.” The same observation actually was made much earlier by numerous figures in the Bible. And what was true about ancient rulers and kings is probably just as germane to democracies like the United States today.     In general, people support leaders that tell them what they want to hear. But what people hear and want to hear is not always what they need to hear. Additionally, what they hear and accept is affected by standards of behavior, cultural norms, media, and educational systems that are shaped and accepted by the ruling class.  The results of first two presidential primaries in Iowa and NH -- in which Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders lead their respective parties -- should be cause for unease. Will we get “the government we deserve” rather than one we desperately need? It’s...(Read Full Article)