Trump and the Rise of the Donor Class

Americans are fed up and not going to take it anymore because the establishment Demicans -- the odious union of backstabbing Democrats and Republicans -- in DC are colluding with the rich donor class at the expense of the vast majority of voters.

The donor class is made up of those individuals and groups with deep financial pockets who finance elections and enrich politicians.  George Soros is an example of a donor class dignitary but the public unions, including teacher unions, are also platinum card-carrying members of the donor class because of the huge amounts of money they spend making sure the policies that will enrich them at the expense of the rest of America are enacted.

Demicans serve as the front men for the donor class and are rewarded with fawning reviews in the MSM and significant amounts of financial wealth. By being the public face of policies that the people don’t like, the Demicans keep the heat off of the members of the donor class and give false hope to the people that the donor’s agenda can be stopped through the ballot box.

In recent days it appears that the donor class is finally feeling empowered enough to be willing to step out of the shadows and claim their “rightful” place as the rulers of America.

Donald Trump is a self-acknowledge member of the donor class. How often have you heard him boast about how much money he has given to politicians and the influence he’s received as a result? That’s a succinct definition both of what it means to be a member of the donor class and of why there is a problem in DC.

Now Trump claims that when he’s president, things will be different. But given Trump’s -- to be charitable -- fluidity on the issues it’s far from clear why we should expect any real changes from a Trump administration.

Keep in mind that whenever Trump says what a great dealmaker he is, he’s saying that his deals always work out well for Trump.

A donor class member who actually holds the reigns of power supported by a Demican-run Congress would be a great result for Trump.

By looking at Trump’s history of deals, we can see there is good reason to be concerned that Trump only likes deals where he wins; he doesn’t seem to be so thrilled about win-win propositions.

For example, Trump has blustered about how well he handled his four bankruptcies but he seems oblivious to the people who were short changed because he managed to slither out of his debts leaving honest folks holding the bag.

Similarly, while he talks about getting rid of illegals, he also say’s he’ll let them back in; shades of Rubio. When asked, he admits there may be illegals working at his businesses but apparently the illegality of that is not too troublesome to him.

While his past statements are clear -- he’s pro-abortion and pro-gays in the military -- his more recent “conservative” rhetoric is more ambiguous -- “make America great again” -- and lacking in details. He’s said that his sister, a strong pro-abortion feminist district court judge, would make a great Supreme Court justice, that has to call into question where his real loyalties lie.

Then there are the issues of eminent domain, where Trump is advocating the right of government to take from private citizens to enrich more politically-connected private citizens, and ethanol subsidies -- where Trump is pushing crony capitalism to get votes in Iowa, just like the Demicans. It’s pretty clear that Trump is not bothered by businessmen with more political juice getting first dibs at the taxpayers’ money.

In many ways, Trump is just like the Demicans. He talks a good game now while running for office, but back when he wasn’t trying to make a deal with the American people his positions were dramatically different. 

It would seem to an impartial observer that Trump, a card-carrying member of the donor class, is using the same tired old Boehner/McConnell playbook. Tell them what they want to hear to clinch a deal that’s good for us and then do what we please between elections.

Odds are that Trump is a donor in populist clothing.

If you’re supporting Trump because he’s standing up to the Demican establishment, you need to ponder for a moment who Trump is trying to win for -- you or himself?

The vast majority of Americans are fed up with the Demicans and agree at a visceral level with Trump’s populist rhetoric demanding that we “throw the bums out”. But just as we agreed with the Republican’s rhetoric before the 2014 election and yet were betrayed by the Demican majority, we need to be sure that whomever we support for president is actually going to walk the walk not just talk the talk.

If there were no alternative to Trump, then supporting him would be less problematic, but the reality is that there are other Republican candidates who are both more principled and more likely to overthrow the Demicans than Trump; Cruz, and Santorum.

Donald’s below-the-belt attack on Cruz, using hardcore left-wing liberals as his source, is another sign of how Donald is all about getting a good deal for Donald. If Cruz can’t be president, then any child born to an American military family when they were stationed overseas can’t be president. Does any sane American think that was the intent of the Framers? Yet Trump went there first to attack Cruz. And Trump’s followup was about some perfectly legal loans. Then Trump informed us that Cruz is a “nasty” guy.

Which raises the question why is Trump going all personal against Cruz rather than debating Cruz on the issues?

The answer is obvious; Trump is afraid to debate issues with Cruz because when Trump was going all donor class liberal for decades, Cruz was standing for the American people.

If you’re thinking about voting for Trump you’re not a bad person and your feelings are perfectly reasonable, but you should ask yourself the following questions:

1) If you reject Rubio because of his immigration stand in the past why don’t Trump’s much worse stands on a wide spectrum of issues in the past concern you? Do you really think that Trump is more trustworthy than Rubio?

2) Why would it be a good idea to put a card-carrying and proud member of the donor class, the group that created the Demican mess we have in DC, into the White House?

3) Trump’s trying to make a deal with you -- based on his track record, why do you think he’s not going to ensure you get the short end of the stick?

4) If Trump is really different than the Demican’s, why is Trump standing up for ethanol subsidies in Iowa while Cruz is standing up for smaller government and the elimination of crony capitalism?

Finally, remember it’s not a choice between Paul Ryan and Trump -- it’s a choice between a strong, consistent, articulate Cruz and Trump. Odds are if you pick Trump for the right reasons, wanting to get rid of the Demicans, you’ll end up suffering a bad case of “bait and switch” marketing. But you know what you’ll get if you back Cruz.

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