The Left’s Endgame Hits the Wall

If there is such thing as a “hockey stick” graph, it charts the disappearance of freedom, opportunity, prosperity and hope of the American middle class during the last 50 years.  In 2008 Americans sleepwalked to the polls and elected a man who by his history, family, friends and even his own words left little doubt that his mission was to destroy everything that America has traditionally stood for.  We entered the steep part of the graph. 

The slow motion suicide that America has been committing since the mid 1960’s is no longer slow motion.  In 2012 with Republican help they did it again.  He has been remarkably successful and, astonishingly, it was a bi-partisan effort.  Honesty, intelligence and common sense seem to have completely fled the field and are nowhere to be seen.  Nothing being said or done by the so-called leaders and opinion makers computes with what we see going on right before our eyes.  With fresh blood still on the floor in Paris, the three stooges, Obama, Kerry and Al Gore tell us that global warming is the greatest threat mankind has ever faced.  We see millions of ignorant, unskilled, inassimilable people from dysfunctional third world societies flooding our country.  

“They are here to do the jobs Americans won’t do”, reply our betters when asked.  We are tempted to believe that the reason Americans won’t do those jobs is because they are sitting home watching TV, drinking beer and smoking pot on the 50% or so of our income that somehow disappears from our paychecks every month.  We shell out thousands of dollars a year for schools with lavish facilities, administrators who knock down six figure salaries, athletic budgets running in the millions, yet produce graduates who would make the average medieval English villein look erudite.  

The high profile behavior of the Lords of the tech world gets more cracked every day; the thinking of these great shapers of millennial opinion would fit right in to Orwell’s 1984, or maybe Frankenstein.  We sit dumbfounded while supposedly “serious” people discuss whether or not a man should be woman of the year.  We watch our military turn into a downsized, feminized,  homosexualized, transgendered social experiment while China and Russia sharpen their bayonets.  Islam happily tells us that they will cut all our heads off when they get here and our President helps them get here.  All this is too bizarre to even be called Kafkaesque, this is the twilight zone.

It does not take an Ivy League degree to understand why all these calamities are descending on us. What is happening is living proof of the famous statement by Edmond Burke, “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”  Beltway Republicans and the toothless conservative punditry, who were supposed to defend us have always gone along to get along, rationalizing the left's objectives as only establishing benign and soft European socialism. They were whistling past the graveyard.  

This is not Sweden and the American left are not benign social democrats.  These are the violent heirs of Lenin and Stalin and they are out for blood, ours.  Their objective is the destruction of the middle class and the imposition of top down tyranny, it always has been.  They will enlist Islamic terrorism, race war, class envy and any other deadly tool to achieve the destruction of hated Amerika.  These nihilists care nothing about their people or their civilization, only their warped worldview.  You need look no further than at our president’s mentors, the misbegotten, hate filled spawn of the 1960’s anti-war movement who now run your government and your life.

Code words such as “populist,” "southern," "redneck," "nativist" and "racist" all mean white Middle America and their culture -- the tough minded Scots-Irish traditions of honesty, hard work, honor, patriotism, and military ferocity.  This is the left's nemesis, what they hate and fear the most.  These characteristics that for 150 years powered the ascendency of America are being dangerously corroded by a toxic mix of “white guilt,” “sex, drugs and rock and roll,” welfare, and an education system that that actively suppresses knowledge, especially historical knowledge.  

All this crap has been dished out by the left with a purpose.  If they can destroy your sense of historical place and nation, ethnicity, and yes, race, they have turned you into a rootless, apathetic slave. The feeling of hopelessness and powerlessness that afflicts white America is not an accident.  Does the term “Frankfurt School” ring any bells? The left has used Americans’ inherent decency and incredible naiveté regarding its motives, objectives and methods, to worm its way, unopposed, into our institutions, co-opting them one by one.  Federal bureaucracies, foundations, universities, NGO’s, the corporate boardroom and now the military have succumbed to this fifth column.  Our traditional culture is all that is left standing and the left has been tirelessly working to destroy it since the 1920’s.  They are damn close to getting it done.

Middle America is awakening from its 50 year coma.  The only thing missing is a leader who will bluntly point out the obvious, who can understand and channel the pent up rage, fear, and frustration that we are feeling after 50 years of being insulted, stolen from and now physically threatened.  Up until now, by their control of all the media, the left has made us feel that we were isolated and alone.  The new media is changing that.  It is one of the ironies of history that Mr. Facebook, Mr. Google and Mr. Twitter  and several others have created the instrument of their own destruction.  You can apply Lenin’s statement that “they will sell you the rope you will hang them with” to describe their plight.  

Enter Donald Trump.  Individuals have and always will change the course of things, unpredictably and suddenly.  Trump has consciously or unconsciously punched our red button.  Trump is real and he is emotive.  Wonkish analysis and reasoned debate do not fuel mass movements, emotion does; mass movements are like the periodic fires that tear through an old, rotting, bug infested forest and start a new cycle of vitality.  This country is too far gone to resurrect any other way.  It is time to awaken the sleeping giant and let the chips fall where they will.  Trump has tossed the match into the powder keg.

The genie is out of the bottle now and even if Trump falters there will be another to take his place.  He or she will have to be irrevocably committed to turning this country inside out and not be squeamish about how it is done, starting at the school board and ending at the White House.  If he or she ever utters the word “compassion,” it will be all over.  We are so sick of that word it makes us want to throw up when we hear it.  He or she had better not ever apologize for anything, anytime, anyhow.  We don’t care about anyone’s personal foibles, we have to win and don’t particularly care about how it’s done.  And there is another little matter of holding accountable those who inflicted this damage on us. They cannot be allowed to “walk.”  The American Republic is in its endgame.  Let the game begin.

The dinosaur left, drunk with the success of conning America into twice electing an incompetent, Marxist stooge for President simply because was black, is totally surprised and is coming unhinged.  They believed that traditional America was down and out.  In their detached world of the beltway, green room and faculty lounge, they had assumed that anyone who would support Donald Trump was part of some marginal fringe group -- which to their horror turns out to be most of America, or at least the part that counts.  Their “playing the race card” to squelch any inconvenient truth that intrudes into public consciousness is not working anymore.  None of their slogans of the past apply anymore.  They can’t rail against “the man” because they are “the man.”  They own this mess and no amount of lying by the incredible shrinking news media can hide it.  They are looking more like Louis the XVI everyday. 

These are not your grandfather's Marxists'.  These are not the deadly, self-sacrificing, true believers of Lenin's time.  Joe Biden is not Leon Trotsky, Hillary Clinton is not Rosa Luxemburg.  Time has taken its toll on their movement.  It has evolved into a stinking mélange of government corruption and crony capitalism and self-interest. Their hatred of traditional America is unabated but they are old and soft and have not had a new idea in fifty years.  Their entire political base is on the take and is bought and paid for with our money.  Tenured, overweight, overaged, academic leftovers from the 60's and 70's.  Taxpayer funded race hustlers, the professional grievance industry, and all the other assorted thugs, criminals and perverts we see on TV every night.  The beer drinkers and pot smokers sitting home living on your back.  The young inmates of our university system, a bunch of overeducated, overindulged, overprotected, overmedicated punks who will vanish like the morning fog at the first drop of sweat or first pang of fear.  Self-aggrandizing celebrity and media air heads who equate a tight ass with intellect.  

This movement has no grassroots, unless it refers to what is being smoked.  Other than environmental crap they have no ideological underpinning.  They are simply the mother of all kleptocracies.  Their soldiers will not march to the sound of cannon.  They are ripe for a fall.  They are as vulnerable as they are stupid and will be as inept at defending themselves as they are at running your life.

We don’t need an intellectual, a debater, a legislator or a compromiser.  Legalistic niceties be damned.  We want a man of action who will “fix bayonets” and lead us over the top.

Dan Gorski is a Mining Executive, Veteran, a Texan and NRA member.

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