The Federal Failure to Counter Jihad

With the incidents of the past two months, ranging from San Bernardino to Merced to Rochester, we now know that we are essentially unprotected from terrorist attacks.

What San Bernardino amounted to is that government fumbled the ball and then refused to pick it up.  Every single error made on the federal level concerning terror since the first inauguration of Barack Obama came to a head, from encouraging Muslim immigration to enabling terrorists to enter the country to crippling security investigations in the name of PC. 

The federal government has unilaterally broken a basic element of the social contract -- that the citizen will give up private use of violence and support the government in exchange for protection. 

That protection is no longer forthcoming.  Both the military and police have given up any pretense of attempting to control Islamic terrorism.  Homeland Defense was founded to create a new basis for a public employee’s union.  It fulfills that role admirably.  It does nothing else.  (Consider the Lutchman case in Rochester, N.Y.  in which Emanuel Lutchman, a near-lunatic, was infatuated by ISIS websites but transparently unable to act upon them without help.  He obtained this from government agents, who not only encouraged him, but in fact purchased the items he was going to use in the attack.  That he was groomed as a trophy bust is difficult to deny.)

The government’s sole visible response to the San Bernardino attack that killed 14 out of 31 shot was to turn against the American people.  Government spokesmen began squealing about “backlash”, as they’ve been doing since 9/11.  Attorney General Loretta Lynch openly threatened American citizens who might target “innocent” Muslims, something that has not occurred in any meaningful fashion in the past fifteen years.  President Obama’s speech following the incident reiterated something he called his “strategy,” which amounts to continuing a desultory and inept bombing campaign intended for display purposes while claiming that it will defend people in the continental U.S.  Shortly afterward he repeated his intention to close the Gitmo prison camp without adequately providing for the terrorists held there.  In other words, Obama refuses to defend Americans while at the same time adding more killers to the brew. 

Obama comes from a culture so at variance to that of the U.S.  that there’s no way to unravel what he’s thinking; he may, in fact, not grasp that there is anything wrong with what he’s doing.  His followers do not have that excuse.

The left’s attitude toward the Jihadis is simple: the last century of American leftism can be defined as a vanguard in search of a proletariat. 

The left very early on realized that there was no such thing as a proletariat in the United States.  That fact was stated clearly by German Marxist Werner Sombart in his 1906 volume Why is There No Socialism in the United States? His answer: because there was no proletariat -- no brutalized, oppressed working class begging for revolutionary succor.  Workers in the U.S.  already had what the left was promising them, which completely undercut revolutionary prospects.  The marvel is that this result was totally unintentional -- nobody, much less the corporate chiefs or the robber barons, ever planned it that way.  It was simply democratic capitalism in action. 

The 20th century demonstrated Sombart’s theory in detail.  The American working class gained so much in material goods, income, and education that it effectively merged with the middle class.  America became a middle-class country, with a minuscule wealthy class and a congenitally poor class only slightly larger.  The rest -- 90% or more -- wound up as bourgeois. 

The left spent its time trying to discover or conjure a proletariat, some outcast group for whom they could act as a revolutionary vanguard, to lead against the hated bourgeois and create the socialist paradise.  For a time, blacks filled that role.  But they too began the upward migration, leaving only a minority of a minority stuck in the slums.  So the left in recent years turned to immigrants, with mixed success.  But there is one group that is automatically alienated from American society, automatically hostile, vividly motivated to tear it down, and with little chance ever being reformed.  It doesn’t matter that Islam is anti-communist on a level that Westerners would find impossible to grasp.  (Marxists are an example of the “godless folk” against whom Mohammed railed even more fiercely than Jews and Christians.) It doesn’t matter that they are religious fanatics.  They hate America and all it stands for.  That, and that alone, is what matters.

Leftists, here are your proles.

That explains Obama and Lynch.  It explains the hashtag #IamaMuslim.  It explains Michael Moore holding a sign saying the same thing for the few minutes he can remain on his feet before being carried back to his penthouse.  It explains why Edward Norton’s foundation is funding Muslim immigration.  It explains why the borders have not been closed, why Jihadi mosques are still in operation, why Moslem Brotherhood operatives remain active within the government itself.  The Muslims are the New Proletariat, the left’s ideological pets.  The PC template has been shifted from blacks and placed right over the Muslim Jihadis, because they are Muslim Jihadis.  That’s the end of it.  From this point on, no meaningful action of any sort can be expected from a Democratic-controlled government or a leftist bureaucracy, even as regards Homeland Defense or the DoD.  (As for the GOP, there’s no point in even bringing that up.  The last budget fully funded Obama’s refugee program, which will introduce a measurable percentage of Jihadis into the U.S.  But Paul Ryan, he’s got that big ol’ security fence around his house.  He ain’t scared of nothin’.)

What does this leave us with? It leaves with a culture founded on the principle of DIY as goes self-protection.  It leaves us with a populace better-armed than any other in history.  It leaves us with a country that, until recent years, was used to maintaining order within the community, with little or no help from state or federal governments. 

We can take this as whimpering products of postmodernism, curled into fetal balls as we descend in freefall, so many Woody Allens whining for somebody to do something as we await the final bullet.  Or we can act as Americans always acted when government has let them down.  We can refuse to be victims. 

How do we respond to the Muslim threat? With knowledge and action. 

Tomorrow: The Master strategy behind what is erroneously called “lone wolf” attacks.

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