The Extraordinary Ted Cruz

The social, cultural, and political chaos of the U.S. after 7 years of the Obama administration make Election 2016 a critical, historic election. Only one candidate has the credentials and character necessary to deal with the elites’ hostility to conservative principles. We desperately need a leader who is up to the task of confronting the liberals and progressives in much of the government (especially the lawless Federal judiciary and Justice Department), the major corporations, and the news and entertainment media who have worked overtime to shield the likes of Hillary “what difference at this point does it make” Clinton and Barack “I’ve got a pen” Obama.

Today, if we are to once again prosper, our nation must have tough, principled leadership with the skills to unapologetically and effectively defend historic American values against the drumbeat of politically-correct nonsense in the public square and the onslaught of outlandish government policies mixed with corruption and cronyism. The anger and revolt of Main Street Americans this election season shows that we’ve had enough of empty rhetoric, political spin, lies, and incompetence; we might not survive another failed presidency. But anger is not enough to produce change; it is not a strategy for fixing our problems. The next president must have abundant courage and competence to face the thorny issues requiring a steady determination, firm goals, and principled leadership.

Unlike so many previously promising GOP leaders who have wilted in the face of media attacks, Ted Cruz has remained unbending while facing a flood of media hostility, as well as hostility from the establishment Republicans and inside-the-Beltway conservative elites. He is firm in his conservative convictions and willingness to speak out against corrupt compromises that defraud the public like the latest Omnibus Spending bill passed by career-minded Republicans in Congress. His positions aren’t swayed by the audience -- as noted by his willingness in Iowa to be unwaveringly opposed to unwarranted ethanol subsidies.

Cruz alone – in a full GOP field of talented candidates -- has the brain power and experience to excel as a national and world leader in an increasingly violent, troubled world. His record of accomplishments is documented (Ivy League university and law school honors, enviable record as an influential lawyer in the private sector, strong record in Texas state government, legislative victories in U.S. Senate, and on and on). In addition to his record of achievement, Cruz’s record of actually attacking failed policies is impressive. Cut from the Reagan and Thatcher molds, Cruz is committed to small government -- in practice as well as rhetoric.

Senator Cruz has shown that people want authenticity; voters have had enough of those who say one thing and then do another. Cruz has shown his willingness to stand up to his colleagues who go along to get ahead. GOP elites say that such blunt beliefs are too divisive; that social conservatives can’t win a general election. In spite of almost universal media hostility, Ted Cruz is either #1 or #2 (depending on the poll) both in Iowa and nationally. In national polls, Cruz beats Hillary when Trump does not.

One of the most important tasks of the next president is to undo the damage at the U.S. Department of Justice after the Obama/Holder/Lynch debacle. As J. Christian Adams put it on PJ Media, “Cruz alone has an understanding of both the corrosive and lawless policies of the last seven years as well as the complex task of restoring the rule of law.” Cruz, Adams wrote, “has an outsider’s zeal to reverse Obama’s lawlessness with the insider’s ability to overcome bureaucratic inertia.” Like Adams, I see Cruz as the outsider/insider combination necessary to deal with all the messes -- including the intractable federal bureaucracy -- facing the 45th President of the U.S.

Of similar importance is that the next president will likely appoint several new U.S. Supreme Court justices. Senator Cruz is known for his strict adherence to the Constitution and the rule of law. There is no question regarding his faithfulness to the Constitution and his knowledge of the firm conservative convictions that are necessary for any nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court. Having authored 80 Supreme Court briefs and argued before the U.S. Supreme Court nine times, and clerked for the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, he is well-prepared to understand the challenges and pressures Supreme Court justices face. Having more squishy appointments to the U.S. Supreme Court would be disastrous for any and all conservative gains.

Ted Cruz’s strong Evangelical faith has led to a profound shift in the campaign rhetoric. While candidates typically emphasize their faith in the early Bible Belt primaries, this year the shift to faith-based campaigning has been notable -- apparently in deference to Cruz’s leadership in that area. Donald Trump -- a man not known for his piety or ethics -- has tried to talk about his faith, has gone to church, quoted Scripture, sought Christian endorsements and run a campaign emphasizing his Presbyterian connection. His efforts bring to mind the picture of Bill depends-on-what-the-meaning-of-is-is Clinton walking to church carrying a Bible large enough to be a door stop.

After watching Obama repeatedly bowing to foreign leaders and hearing his litany of trumped-up apologies around the world, Americans are hungry to see a revived American exceptionalism rooted in the American dream of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Voters must understand that conservative principles are not the pretty wrappings that a candidate ties up with fancy rhetoric during primary season to make it to the general election. Principled conservatism is the package itself. It’s added benefit when that solid package is wrapped in excellent credentials, successful experience and proven faith. I am confident that the voting public -- especially those supporting a return to basic conservative principles in governance -- can count on Ted Cruz to be the real deal.