Nothing to Do with Sex

The leftist establishment media and other appendages of the Democratic Party have become the counterattack regarding the Clinton scandals.  It is all about "sex," these flacks of leftism tell us.  If Bill had dalliances, well, many men do, and who are we to judge them?

The odious behavior of Bill and Hillary, however, is not about "sex" at all.

Juanita Broaddrick has made a credible charge of brutal, violent rape against Arkansas attorney general Bill Clinton and an equally credible charge that Hillary knew what her husband had done to Broaddrick and treated the rape as unimportant.  Broaddrick worked in a nursing home, and state regulations and policy were important to her, which is why she was at the hotel when Bill raped her. 

Rape is not "sex," as feminists have told us for the last fifty years.  Rape is about violence and humiliation.  What makes this even worse, for honest feminists, is that Broaddrick was in a vulnerable position.  Attorney General Bill Clinton had a power position, and he was using it against her flagrantly.

Paula Jones has made a credible charge of Governor Clinton using his position as governor of Arkansas when Jones was a lowly Arkansas state employee to crudely and luridly push unwelcome sexual advances on her.  Hillary embraced Anita Hill, who made a less credible charge against Clarence Thomas.  Was this allegation about sex or about perceived abuse of power? 

Kathleen Wiley was volunteer working for Clinton.  The day her husband committed suicide, when Wiley was frightened and desperate, Wiley says President Clinton groped her breasts and forced himself, against her wishes, on her. 

Elizabeth Gracen, a former Miss America who had consensual sex with Bill in 1983, suddenly found herself harassed and intimidated and in 1998 said of this thuggish behavior, "This last year has been very, very frightening" and that she was "physically scared" by investigators from the Clinton White House.  

These is a pattern to these stories.  Bill Clinton used his power position to either force himself upon women or terrify them into keeping quiet about what he had done, or both.  There is another aspect to all this: Hillary surely knew what had happened to these women and put personal ambition above any true concern for protecting women from violence and bullying by men in power.  That is one aspect of the so-called Clinton sex scandals.

But there is another aspect to what happened.  Bill Clinton lied about what he had done.  If there is a campaign ad that any Republican ought to use against Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, it should be this:  President Clinton, angrily and emphatically, denying that he had sex with Monica Lewinsky.  Bill is scowling.  He is indignant.  And he is lying, through his teeth, to the American people.  It was his lying that was the crime.

And it was her facilitating Bill's lying that is her crime.  Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton famously condemned those who accused her husband of having sex with an intern as part of a "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy."  She, of course, was lying through her teeth, just as Bill was lying through his teeth.  Mrs. Clinton was all too familiar with her husband's philandering. 

This lying to the American people, even more than Bill's terrorizing women and Hillary helping him in that, is the story.  The Clintons lie all the time, whenever they think that they can get away with it.  Mrs. Clinton tells us that she was named for Sir Edmund Hillary, even though he climbed Mt. Everest after she was born.  She tells Americans that she was just incredibly astute in making cattle futures investments, even though the odds were so wildly against her story as to be utterly unbelievable.

Bill was found in contempt of court for lying.  He was disbarred for lying.  He was impeached for lying.  The Clintons lie all the time about almost everything.  The string of lies Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton has told America and Congress regarding Benghazi and her email server is part of this pattern of lying, lying, lying, and then, well, lying. 

Such absolute dishonesty, such total mendacity, such utter separation from truth in every honorable sense of the word disqualifies anyone, no matter what, from any office of trust in American government.  It has nothing to do with sex, except insofar as the Clintons both lied about Bill's pathological predatory sexual behavior.  It is all about their lying.