Leftist McCarthyism in Israel Funded by Soros and Other US Leftists

  In its latest act of illicit intervention in Israeli public life, the foreign (mainly U.S.)-funded "New Israel Fund" (where their 'New Israel" means Palestine) has filled the Israeli press and the country's billboards with a McCarthyist anti-democratic vilification poster that essentially endorses all who seek to deny freedom of speech in Israel to non-leftists. It is the NIF's response to the campaign by the student Zionist movement Im Tirtzu against 'Shtulim' (plants) in Israel, meaning foreign-funded anti-Israel subversives.  In the NIF ad, it shows Yitzhak Rabin with the slogan "THEY already took care of that plant," meaning "THEY" collectively murdered Rabin.  By THEY the NIF does not mean Yigal Amir and his brother.  It means all Israeli critics of the left. For decades, the mantra of Israel's anti-democratic left has been that Rabin's death was caused by the exercise of freedom of...(Read Full Article)