Hollywood's Hypocrisy on Guns, Drugs, and Breaking the Law

Hollywood, the land of alcohol, drugs, and gun control hypocrisy. There seems to be a steady stream (By steady stream I mean Niagara Falls) of Hollywood stars using their celebrity to push for gun control for the masses. They write Obama love letters, talk about it on talk shows, get on their soap boxes and scream it from the rooftops that guns are killing people and it’s a problem that has to stop. In fact, People magazine just ran an article about one hundred thirteen Hollywood stars that praised President Obama for his new gun control measures and signed a letter in support.

However, on behalf of the gun owners of America, which is about thirty percent of the population, we’d like to inform Hollywood celebrities engaging in this issue that you’re of the highest form of hypocrisy. There are four charges against those celebrities who should clean up their own camp first before calling on everyday Americans to give up their 2nd Amendment rights.

Hollywood’s first charge of hypocrisy is the very fact that they glorify guns and violence in their movies. Jennifer Lawrence, star of the violent Hunger Games franchise and American Hustle, is no stranger to encouraging violence. Yet, according to Variety, she is on a council for gun violence prevention. Bradley Cooper played real life hero Chris Kyle in American Sniper, a movie about a man who saved lives and killed terrorists with his assault weapon. Yet, he was one of the celebrities that signed the letter praising Obama on control. Jessica Alba who can be seen in a myriad of movies toting guns such as a Glock 19 and Ruger Blackhawk, also signed the letter of support.

A recent study of people’s brains when exposed to violent movies show that those movies make people more aggressive. In other words, the violent movies that many of these celebrities calling for gun control make, contribute to violence and these celebrities are often paid millions of dollars for it.

Their second charge of hypocrisy is that while they want to make it harder for the average citizen to protect their families by making it harder to purchase guns, these Hollywood celebrities enjoy the luxury of being surrounded by them.

The January 2016 Golden Globes red carpet was full of celebrities in gowns, men dressed in their favorite designers, reporters, and bodyguards carrying "assault weapons" as reported by Megyn Kelly of Fox News. The same "assault weapons" celebrities like Amy Schumer, cousin of gun control Senator Chuck Schumer, bemoan every other day of the year, accompanied her down the red carpet to protect her from unsuspecting predators. The same predators that could just as easily walk down Main Street and inflict the same the harm on those average Joes not lucky enough to have a red carpet to walk on.

The third charge of hypocrisy is that, while Hollywood wants to usurp 2nd Amendment Rights to bear arms because of the deaths related to them, the fact is, alcohol and drugs have done significantly more damage than guns, yet these stars remain silent on these much bigger killers. It would be like supporting law enforcement going after the guy who shot a man in a heated altercation for sleeping with the guy’s wife, and yet supporting the serial killer running rampant on city streets.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, in 2013 there were 33,636 firearm deaths in America. However, that same year, The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reported 88,000 deaths attributed to alcohol, over 10,000 of which were driving fatalities. Since the number of alcohol-related deaths are over two and a half times higher than gun related deaths, why don’t these celebrities call on Obama to unilaterally make it harder to purchase alcohol? Make people submit to background checks? They should also call on the president to make it so that people’s medical records are reported to the government and if anyone seems to perhaps have a drinking problem, these people would not be allowed to purchase alcohol.

The fourth charge of hypocrisy is that celebrities want the general public to believe that by passing gun laws, gun crimes will go down. The irony is, the same people calling for these laws are the same ones who didn’t let drug laws stop them from purchasing drugs. Pictured here is a young Jessica Alba among other celebrities smoking a bong. Considering that marijuana use is still a crime federally, clearly Alba broke the law and purchased an illegal drug while stating that President Obama’s executive orders on gun control will stop criminals from purchasing guns.

And once again, Jennifer Lawrence who at the ripe age of twenty-five believes gun laws will help curb violence, admitted she smoked weed before the Oscars. The Oscars are in California. Recreational use of marijuana is still illegal in California. Jennifer Lawrence therefore admitted to breaking the law. Apparently Ms. Lawrence only believes laws she likes should be adhered to. By the way, this is the same Jennifer Lawrence who just basically referred to Christians as a bunch of hypocrites.

For a group of people who laud themselves as intellectually enlightened, they are quite naïve to their own hypocrisies. But sometimes people just need to be informed, like now, to their double standard. Now that they know, they can right their wrongs. They can either issue an apology to the American people, and stand down on the gun control issue, or they can publicly state that they will never make another violent movie, no longer have armed security detail, stop drinking and smoking weed, and stop breaking the law.