Examining Bill Cosby's Accusers

Now that Bill Cosby has been formally charged with felony sexual assault for a decade-old claim, both he and his accuser, Andrea Constand, will have their day in court.  More importantly, the public will finally be allowed to hear the facts of the case.

Some see this as a bad turn of events for Mr. Cosby.  However, I see it as a positive.  I have always maintained that Mr. Cosby's accusers' claims are full of holes and will unravel under direct questioning.

So far, each accuser has been given opportunities to tell her story without anyone questioning the chains of events, regardless to how absurd and theoretically impossible they sound.  All of this will change once the accusers take the witness stand (hopefully other accusers will be asked to give testimonies at the criminal trial).

A popular counter-argument in support of the accusers have been "all of the women can't be lying."  In fact, some of Mr. Cosby's accusers' claims have already fallen apart.  Former exotic dancer Chloe Goins claimed that Mr. Cosby sexually assaulted her at the Playboy mansion on August 9, 2008.  Her claim was the most serious at the time, because it fell within the statute of limitations.  However, Marty Singer, Mr. Cosby's attorney, has stated that flight and telephone records clearly place Cosby in New York City, 2,500 miles from the mansion, on the date the alleged assault supposedly took place.  Chloe Goins, who has an arrest record for prostitution, picked a bad day and chose an event Cosby didn't even attend.  When Cosby's lawyer presented this obvious lie to the authorities, her lawyer released a statement about her memory being compromised by trauma, and she has since slithered away.

Louisa Moritz, 68, claims that Cosby forced oral sex on her in the dressing room and then threatened her backstage at The Tonight Show in 1971.  However, Internet Movie Database records show that Cosby and Moritz never appeared together on any episodes of The Tonight Show in 1971.  When presented with the discrepancy, Moritz admitted that she wasn't actually sure what year the alleged assault occurred, and then she provided The Daily Caller the name of her Washington-based attorney who represents multiple Cosby accusers.

Former models Beverly Johnson and Janice Dickinson, cited as Mr. Cosby's most prominent accusers, fabricated their claims against him according to their former manager.  Both models claim that Mr. Cosby drugged them.  However, Janice Dickinson's own manager, Don Gibble, said her story has changed drastically.  She recently claimed that Cosby drugged her with a pill and raped her in 1982 in a hotel room in Lake Tahoe.  According to Gibble, Dickinson stated at Hollywood parties several times that Cosby had made a pass at her in a hotel, which she rejected.  She then claimed that Cosby went to bed without assaulting her, according to her original version of events.

Gibble also represented Beverly Johnson in the 1990s.  Johnson recently alleged that Cosby drugged her at his home in the mid-1980s after serving her a cup of cappuccino during a period in which she was auditioning for a role on his sitcom.  She claimed that after a couple of sips, she started feeling woozy and realized that she was drugged.  She cursed at Mr. Cosby, and he forcibly threw her into a cab.  But Gibble said that Johnson told him her Cosby story many times.  In her original story, she recounts one personal meeting with Mr. Cosby and his wife Camille at a pleasant, non-eventful brunch.

Not only have some of Mr. Cosby accuser's been caught in lies, but some have credibility issues due to their past legal problems and criminal histories.  Former playboy bunny P.F. Masten, who is currently accusing Mr. Cosby of rape, once accused Marv Albert of rape when he was having his bout of legal trouble (back then she was referred to as Patricia Masten).  Marv Albert was in hot water for allegedly raping and biting a woman.  Masten joined the Gloria Allred-led lawsuit and claimed that Marv Albert had raped and bitten her, too.

Chelan Lasha, a washed up model, is also one of the women represented by Gloria Allred accusing Mr. Cosby of rape.  She is a drug-abusing prostitute with a criminal history.  Lasha was arrested and charged at varying times for theft, false reporting, assault, and prostitution.

Linda Joy Traitz claims that Mr. Cosby tried to drug and assault her more than 40 years ago.  Traitz got out of prison in 2012 after serving more than three years for trafficking Oxycodone, possession of a controlled substance, and obtaining a controlled substance by fraud.

Tamara Green, also accusing Mr. Cosby of raping her decades ago, was suspended from practicing law by the State Bar of California and was placed on probation for failing to disburse a $20,000 medical settlement to a client; she instead pocketed the settlement for herself.  Mr. Cosby maintains having no recollection of Green.

The media have not condemned any of these women and continue to include them in the number of accusers.

Some will argue that a woman's past legal and criminal history should not be allowed into testimony when she is claiming rape.  I contend that a woman's history goes to credibility, especially when there is no evidence to support decades-old claims.

Mr. Cosby's case mirrors that of 81-year-old British actor William Roache.  He too was accused of raping five women decades ago, when the women were teenagers.  His case started with one woman, and eventually others started jumping on the bandwagon with similar claims.  He was criminally charged and tried in court at 81 years old for the decades-old claims.  Mr. Roache maintained that he had never even met the women, although he admitted to years of infidelity.  He was acquitted of all charges.

I am in no way condoning adultery.  Mr. Cosby has admitted to years of adultery.  He has admitted to purchasing the recreational party drugs called Quaaludes.  His accusers all admitted to taking pills of their own free will.  I still maintain that this entire ordeal is coordinated against Mr. Cosby because he angered the race industry when he spoke out against destructive black culture.  I am anxiously awaiting the trial so that the public can at least hear both sides of the story. 

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