Don’t Get Mad, Get… Happy!

Here we are, with gas prices going through the floor and the budgets of Russia and Saudi Arabia in free fall, and Trump is up and Clinton is down and Obama is a busted flush and everyone is… Mad as hell and they are not going to take it anymore.

But I say don’t get mad, don’t even get even. Get Happy!

I know that everyone is mad at the GOP establishment for lying to us, running for election as tough conservative mastiffs, and then legislating like lap-dogs. But meanwhile the two top GOP presidential candidates are anti-establishment, at least for now. Get Happy!

Are you mad that Donald Trump is sucking all the oxygen out of the room? Yes, but he has singlehandedly “punched back twice as hard” on the fascist PC thugs that had cowed this nation into shameful silence on race, sex, and gays. Nobody, not for twenty years, had figured out how to do what Trump has done. Now, all of a sudden after years of stalemate in the trenches on the PC front we have a breakthrough. Get Happy!

Everywhere we look, things are a mess. The economy is barely growing; the Obama foreign policy is worse than Bush. We haven’t done a thing to reform entitlements; we’ve spent billions on crony capitalist green energy; race relations are worse than ever. And now Muslim jihadis are shooting up government employee Christmas parties. But this is good. The only way to get “change” is for the ruling class to be screwing up so badly that even the man in the street gets it. That is the meaning of Lenin’s famous line: “the worse the better.” You cannot hope for a Bolshevik Revolution unless the Czar is seen to be a blundering idiot. You cannot hope for a sensible conservative program of reform unless the liberal politics of free-stuff handouts seems to be failing to deliver the goods. Get Happy!

Are you mad about the mess that President Obama has made of his presidency, as in Worst President Ever? Think of the alternative: Hillary cruising to election like Bush senior in 1988. Really, things couldn’t be better. Liberals in the 2000s thought they were going to heaven with their Emerging Democratic Majority. So they might have done if President Obama had structured the stimulus and Obamacare and Dodd-Frank into bipartisan bills with a few strategic purchases of Republican votes. Then we might have had a stronger recovery. Then he and the Democrats could have argued that they knew how to bring everyone together to get things done. Instead he was buying Democratic votes to get strictly partisan bills passed to do stupid administrative state stuff that denies the facts of settled science, that the economy is much too complicated for politicians to manage with 2,000 page bills and bureaucrats to manage with 20,000 pages of regulations. Hey, even a simple thing like veterans’ health care is too hard for the average unionized bureaucrat. So the Democrats’ big government agenda is failing in plain sight. Get Happy!

Think about immigration. The global governing elite has been shoving unrestricted immigration down our throats since forever. Now the whole thing has blown up in their faces. A year ago Mattress Girl was naming and shaming us with the “rape culture” on campus, and “Jackie” was writhing on the broken glass. Now we have real rape in Europe, courtesy of the plucky Muslim migrants, and the ruling class there is running for cover, and the whole ruling-class immigration policy is in the toilet. Get Happy!

(But I think that the petition to get migrant activist Emma Watson to spend a week alone with the Muggles at 4 Privet Drive is a bridge too far.)

Are you mad that Donald Trump is a clueless demagogue with no ideas? Don’t worry, there is more to being a cavalry officer than big moustaches and a babe-magnet pelisse. If the Donald can’t come up with the beef, he’s toast. Get Happy!

Are you mad that the birthers are harassing Ted Cruz for being birthed in Canada? Don’t worry. If the brainiac Cruz can’t talk his way around “Mounties” handing out Canadian birth certificates, then he is no true politician and doesn’t have the chops to be president. Get Happy!

Are you mad that Hillary is getting away with blue murder on the emails front? So is everyone else except Chelsea. Get Happy!

All I am trying to say is that, if you are feeling angry and frustrated, do not despair. Frankly, I get most discouraged when the ruling class is in the driver’s seat and the mainstream media is purring like little fluffy kittens. Instead here we are, suffering under what Glenn Reynolds calls “the worst political class in American history.” Don’t get mad, Get Happy!

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