Curtailing Jihad

We’ve established that the current U.S. government is not capable of handling the growing threat of Islamist “Lone Wolf” attacks, and that the grassroots public is the best approach to curtailing the threat.

Curtailing Jihadi action consists of three steps:

  1. Obtaining appropriate weapons
  2. Learning all there is to know about their care and use
  3. Preparing ourselves to act in response to Jihadi attacks

The first is largely accomplished, for which we can thank President Obama.  So disruptive has his tenure been, so polarizing his rhetoric, that he, one of the most antigun politicians alive, has acted as the greatest gun salesman in human history.  Millions of Americans have armed themselves over the past seven years, and not only with handguns, but with military-style long arms.  Yet another wave of purchases will greet his latest executive actions, which he claims are a response to the San Bernardino shootings but would have accomplished absolutely nothing to disarm the Jihadi operatives his policies allowed into the country.  A few more executive decrees and we will have fully achieved the state attributed to us by Admiral Yamamoto when the Imperial Japanese Army proposed invading the U.S.: “You will find a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

Americans have taken the first necessary step by arming themselves, like the patriots of the revolutionary era.  Those who are armed need to consider if they have the weapons necessary to overcome a potential Jihadi threat.  Those who have not yet purchased such weapons should do so. 

After the weapons are in hand, you will need to educate yourself in their functions and capabilities.  Americans believe they have an instinctive understanding of weaponry handed down from the frontier epoch.  Do not fall for this.  Modern firearms are complex mechanisms that can be mastered only through study, repetition, and familiarity.  Make the effort.  Take courses, read firearms websites, find and question experts.

Learn basic weapons tactics.  These are more complex than you may think, and many are counterintuitive.  (For instance, a building should not be defended from within.  Instead find cover outside and engage attackers from there.)

Learn basic tactics for handling workplace shootings.  There are a number of YouTube videos dealing with these in detail.  For years, people were told merely to flop over and give up.  Today, it’s understood that all present must attack, and attack relentlessly, with whatever weapons are available.  (They speak in terms of throwing coffee cups, desk phones, computer keyboards, etc.  But 9mms would probably work better.)

Stay informed about Jihadi tactics and targeting.  As with anything else, these evolve and change over time.  (But don’t be hypnotized by these.  Many Jihadi wasps are abnormal, and their targeting eccentric.  Lutchman, for instance, intended to bring on the Islamic apocalypse by massacring the habitués of a local bar where he had been snubbed.)

Learn the warning signs of Islamist conversion: Muslim clothing, unkempt beards (or niqabs for women), sudden devotion to daily prayers, hostility and belligerence to kaffirs of all types, but Jews in particular.  Do not ignore these signs.  Recall the neighbor who noted extremely suspicious activity on the part of Malik and Farook but refused to report them for fear of profiling. If it even exists, “profiling” is a venial sin.  Enabling the massacre of dozens of your neighbors is a mortal sin. 

When the time comes, it is highly unlikely -- to say the least -- that the FBI, Delta Force, or Homeland Security will appear out of the clouds, so it is best to stand up rather than be relegated to the headlines as a victim of “workplace violence.” 

That said, not everyone is capable of legal violence.  Many women, the elderly, and certainly children should flee a terror attack.  As for the rest of us, we should not -- we cannot -- accept such a course of action.  There are certain dues that a member of a civilization must pay.  Defense of his fellows is one of them. 

This does not mean that we should all aim at becoming John McClanes.  Keep in mind that most armed confrontations end when a weapon is produced.  The majority of criminals break at this point, and there is no reason to doubt that the type of loser attracted to Islamism will prove any more resilient. 

If a firefight does ensue, it is best to suppress the attacker and prevent him from continuing his slaughter than to rush him.  (This is particularly true if more than one is involved.) Contain the attackers on a single floor or section of a public space and await the authorities. 

On arriving, police are likely to be confused, frightened, and flicking through their PC manual to discover what the right move is.  Clearly and firmly inform them as to what is happening, point out where the attackers are hidden, and get out of their way.  While in some cases, you will be turning control over to incompetents, cowards, and the type of compulsive who needs to tick off every last subclause in the rulebook before taking action (as occurred at Cheshire, Connecticut, resulting in three murders under the most horrifying circumstances imaginable) there is nothing you can do about it.

If forced, for whatever reason, to take down the terrorist yourself, do not act as executioner.  This is not your place, and in any case, it’s better to have a whimpering misfit to display as the typical Jihadi terrorist (recall the Zappaesque Richard Reid or Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab and his exploding undies) than a corpse that ISIS can raise to the level of “martyrdom”.

Some of the preceding may shock some readers.  But it shouldn’t.  On September 24, 2014, in Moore, Oklahoma, Alton Nolen, a convert to Islam, committed an act of jihad that has since been buried deep by the media and government, probably on the grounds that it might provoke bad thoughts in the beta class.  Nolen was an ex-con converted in prison that had been released early for unknown reasons.  After adequate prayer and study, Nolen struck out at the deadliest enemy of the ummah that he could find, a 54-year-old grandmother who worked with him at Vaughan foods.  After beheading her, he was taking out after another woman when he was shot by company’s CEO, Mark Vaughan, a part-time deputy. 

So no -- it’s not out of the question at all.  There are thousands or Nolens in this country.  They must be met by tens or hundreds of thousands of Vaughans. 

This is how the country was established and maintained for many generations.  It is actions like this that cleared the frontier and set the framework of the American republic in place of pure chaos.  Actions like this cleared San Francisco of criminal gangs in 1851 and 1856.  An action like this destroyed the James gang in Northfield, Minnesota in 1876.  An action like this in 1946 overthrew a criminal gang that had seized the town of Athens, Tennessee while the townsmen were fighting overseas.  These are not the actions of fascists or degenerates, but the acts of free men goaded beyond endurance.  Direct action, taken legally by citizens in support of the general peace, is how Americans do things.  It is the whimpering beta of the past few decades, plaintively asking why nobody will do anything, that is the exception in American history.  We need to return to the traditional expression of citizenship in this case, the one that James brothers despised and that Yamamoto feared. 

As time passes, more organized action must be taken against Islamist influence.  It is common knowledge that students in schools across the country have been subject to Islamic indoctrination, taken on “tours” of mosques, taught to memorize passages of the Koran, and even led in repeating the Shahada, the Muslim declaration of faith.  All of these have been excused as “multicultural education.”  (Try teaching a public school class the Shema or the Pater Noster and see where that gets you.) Clearly, the only way to halt this is to get on the school board and act. 

Similarly, many priests and ministers -- and, hard as it to believe, a few rabbis -- have allied themselves with Islamists of various stripes on the grounds of “ecumenism.”  These are then utilized as what the Soviets called “useful idiots,” shields for illicit behavior.  Pressure from laymen’s organizations could help curtail this.

The same must be said about city councils, political committees, public service organizations such as YM/WCA, scouting organizations, and so on.  These have been or will be targeted by Jihadi sympathizers and their collaborators.  Action must be taken in all these cases.

Warn your kids -- young girls in particular -- against indoctrination and all other types of approaches.  Remember Rotherham, where over a thousand young girls were turned out by Islamic pimps while the government, police, media, and their fathers, uncles, and brothers looked the other way.  This is still occurring in Rotherham and other British towns.  There will be attempts to duplicate it in the U.S.  It must not happen to our girls.

These are all long-term efforts.  What is urgent is to assure that we are defended against Jihadi attacks, both organized and by Nasarian wasps.  Once again: the government will not protect us.  We are on our own.  Self-defense is not a crime; reacting to a threat is not paranoia.  We are at war -- in war, you do not make excuses.

I was working five blocks away from the WTC in September 2001.  Hundreds of people whom I knew -- whom I travelled with, whom I spoke to, whom I worked beside -- were massacred in that apocalypse.  Witnessing others fall to the same forces is unacceptable to me.  It is time to strike back, as our fathers struck before us.

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