A Chance to Save America

Beneath the Treasury building in London is a large underground bunker fortified with over 9ft. of reinforced concrete holding the Cabinet War Rooms used by Winston Churchill and his Cabinet during the Blitz and throughout the duration of World War II. It is now a museum, but in its day it was the nerve center for operations against the Axis powers and the location where Churchill spent many arduous nights and from which he made many of his wartime speeches becoming the world's symbol of resistance to Nazi tyranny.

Now framed and on prominent display is the letter written to Churchill by FDR in his own hand in January of 1941 quoting a verse from Longfellow's poem, "The Building of the Ship". It reads:

Dear Churchill

Wendell Willkie will give you this -- He is truly helping to keep politics out over here.

I think this verse applies to you people as it does to us:

'Sail on, Oh Ship of State!
Sail on, Oh Union strong and great.
Humanity with all its fears
With all the hope of future years
Is hanging breathless on thy fate.'

As ever yours,

Franklin D. Roosevelt

It has been seven long years since Barack Obama scrambled into the imperial box and it is impossible to read Longfellow's lines without thinking of how they apply to America today due not only to Obama's tragically flawed stewardship based on his devotion to the cultural Marxism of Saul ‘Red’ Alinsky's Rules for Radicals but also due to the strong sentimental attachment to the Islam of his youth which, disastrously for the security of our republic, still exerts a domineering influence in a nostalgic chamber of his mind.

Almost everything the Obama administration has done, and is doing, seems calibrated to be exactly the opposite of what is in the best interests of the American people. Often, his administration resembles an orchestra where the conductor is playing from one score and the musicians from another with complete confusion in the resultant performance or like a play where the actors make false exits and entrances, stumble over unfamiliar scenery, forget their lines and continually look to the prompter for guidance. If it were not so serious the jokes about our national tragedy would surely write themselves.

Those who so assiduously followed Obama's star must have realized by now, with the same sinking feeling as the rest of us, that it is made of tinsel. His performance, militantly lacking in wisdom, offers no escape to optimism.

Living safely sheltered from the economic policies he concocted, and protected from the less pleasant aspects of the coercive, one-way multiculturalism he champions, together with its phony diversity and false brotherhood, he has spent a good deal of his time encouraging Constitutional vandalism with regard to our First and Second Amendment rights which he and the "progressive" glitterati consider mistakes and, of course, intend to rectify.

In the meantime, Obama feeds the Islamic serpent. Our aid is dispensed across the globe to anti-Americans of all sorts while American citizens are treated to higher taxes, crippling debt, and the dogged pursuit of an educational system bound to create connoisseurs of mediocrity. Add the imposition of a health system, the costs of which are unsustainable, that has a lot less to do with health care and a lot more to do with spreading the tentacles of government over every aspect of our national life. Calculated exploitation of any racial division real or imagined for purely cynical political purposes. Abuse of power by using the IRS, the NSA and the Department of Justice as weapons against political enemies. Dangerously lax immigration policies along with the reckless endangerment to our security by attempting to transfer Muslim terrorist prisoners from Guantanamo to American soil, the immigration of tens of thousands of Muslims, whom it is impossible to vet, from failed states whose religious and political leaders regularly call for "Death to America". The shocking diminution of our military strength at the same time as Russia and China increase their capabilities. The hoax of catastrophic global warming, the destruction of a free-market economy and the middle class, the reduction of our international credit rating. The exportation of talent and entrepreneurship, the importation of Mexican poverty. A baleful agreement with Iran, the world's largest sponsor of Islamic terror, the provisions of which are so lethal they should be considered as a crime against humanity, and for our real allies the cold shoulder of indifference, neglect and, alas, in the case of our most intrepid ally, Israel, actual hostility.

"If you would hit the mark you must aim a little above it. Every arrow that flies feels the attraction of earth", wrote Longfellow, but since Obama actually dislikes the country he is supposed to be leading and has as much use for American Exceptionalism as a poodle has for a bowler hat and a pair of trousers, it has been America's extreme misfortune that he could not even bring himself to flex the bow.

This year, as the tangerine glow of summer darkens into the russet hues of autumn we will have the chance to rescue the greatest experiment in freedom the world has ever seen, the last best hope of earth, from the anxious clutches of the treacherous, destructive, bullying tyranny of the Left and, at last, rid ourselves of the grievous, suppurating, malignant, and poisonous national wound of Barack Hussein Obama's monstrous presidency.