Why WaPo conservatives fear Trump

Mild-mannered WaPo pundit George Will is panicking at the prospect of President Donald Trump. Mr. Will tells us that Trump will destroy conservatism -- which doesn’t seem likely, because about a third of Americans strongly and consistently lean right. George Will also calls Trump “insecure,” “needy” and does “compulsive boasting.”

George Will has discovered “insecure boasting” after two terms of Obama, the most insecure, self-promoting, pro-jihad, anti-American president in history. Every time Obama attacks this country he is also boasting about his own superior wisdom and morality. Obama is a true narcissist, Trump is a humorous boaster -- it’s part of his showbiz act, like Jackie Gleason and other entertainers. Trump laughs at himself, but Obama is deadly serious about his messianic mission to change America. Obama has killed people in the Middle East to get his way: in Libya, Syria, and almost in Egypt.

Trump is a people person. Obama is cold-hearted. Trump actually likes regular people, including Muslims who are not out to commit jihad against innocents.

A Trump win is not going to harm conservatism – if the Republicans elect a Congressional majority with Trump or Cruz as president, we will see something similar to the Reagan years. Conservatism isn’t fragile. It survived the New Deal, eight years of Bill Clinton, and almost eight years of the most radical, leftist, jihad-enabling and anti-American president in US history. If we can survive Obama and win, a lot of the damage could be undone.

How could a Trump presidency be worse than Obama? It doesn’t make sense.

What are WaPo conservatives  afraid of?

I can’t remember seeing this before. DC conservatives didn’t lose their cookies after 9/11. It didn’t happen after the mortgage crash. It didn’t happen after the ObamaCare megafraud, or after Benghazi, after flagrant repeated violations of the US Constitution. It didn’t happen when the Supreme Court abandoned the Constitution by changing the law on O’Care.

Why didn’t conservative pundits warn about the end of conservatism before?

I can only imagine that this time it’s personal.

The GOP is facing the biggest grassroots revolt in years, and in DC, lifelong careers are at stake. John Boehner got fired, and many of us think that Paul Ryan isn’t any better. It’s not just establishment politicians who are protecting their hides. WaPo pundits are part of the establishment. In the next election Democrats are likely to lose more congressional votes, and their cozy arrangements with Republicans will be up for grabs.

We can now see open hatred of grassroots voters coming from Republicans.  This is not rational politics -- you don’t alienate your own voters. But we are hearing uncontrolled public rage from John McCain, Lindsey Graham, John Boehner, Paul Ryan. Even George Will gratuitously insulted Ted Cruz, which is politically dumb because Cruz has a real chance to win.

Successful politicians don’t go out of their way to insult the voters. It’s stupid, and it’s a sign of panic. The GOP establishment is losing its cool.

Establishment pundits are not afraid that Trump will destroy conservatism -- it’s just the opposite. They are afraid of a conservative grassroots uprising. It looks like our biggest pundits identify more with the power elites than with the voters.

Trump’s regular zingers penetrate media censorship. That is the only reason they fear Trump.  If Trump were just a loose cannon, the media would mob up on him, the way they always do. Most of the time it works. But Trump has shown an ability to hit back. Our DC establishment knows very well how much average Americans hate and distrust them. When Trump came out last week and actually said that he hated “some media people” his poll numbers went up.

Don’t think they didn’t notice.

No: They are afraid that Trump is following a calculated strategy, and they are losing ground.

A lot of the hidden alliances are being exposed. I’m still willing to believe that Krauthammer and Will are honest and thoughtful conservatives -- but they also know that their jobs depend on the Left.

For the Leftists at the WaPo, conservative pundits are purely ornamental -- they are there to prove how balanced the WaPo really is. (Which is another lie, of course).

Washington is a kind of jungle where the Left allows a few conservative voices to survive. But the permanent levers of power are held by the Left.

The WaPo is controlled by the Left. The NYT is Left. The alphabets are Left. As we now understand, jihadist networks like the Muslim Brotherhood are deeply embedded in the money and power network in DC -- which is why Obama will not tell the truth about Jihad.  The bureaucracies are Left. If ObamaCare survives, the US medical economy will be Left. The Left has a near monopoly over all the levers of power, and a few conservatives are allowed in to sucker the voters.

The Permanent Government in DC has colluded with the Democrats ever since Watergate.  We have two nominally different parties that have learned to scratch each others’ backs -- which is why Paul Ryan supported Obama’s last budget.

If the election pits Trump vs. Hillary, what would WaPo conservatives do? Right now they are all out to destroy Trump, leaving only Ted Cruz as a credible conservative. In the upshot, WaPo conservatives are conducting a fear campaign against Trumpageddon.

I have not yet heard rational arguments against Donald Trump -- except that his language sounds vulgar. But it’s his language that keeps penetrating through the media Cartel. Trump will change his language when he wants to sound presidential.

Is Trump really worse than Obama or Hillary? Or are conservatives like George Will protecting their own power?