Welcoming the Stranger

Why is the American Jewish community one of the largest groups defending the Syrian refugees right to immigrate to America despite the infiltration of ISIS terrorists? One of the group’s loudest defenses is the way in which Jews were turned away from every country in the world during the Holocaust. The reactionaries are simply equating one refugee with the other unwilling to see diverse situations that have no similarities except for each group needing someplace to go. 

The Jewish refugees from Nazi Europe were classified as a public enemy because of the Jewish blood running through their veins. The Nazis confiscated their property, stripped them of any professional titles and degrees, forbade them from public places, threw their children out of school because of their religion, shuttered and burned Jewish synagogues, and burned Jewish books. The Jews were then jammed into cattle cars for long rides to death camps where they would be starved, raped, beaten, and murdered because of their religion. Many who claim that because these things happened to Jews we have to understand the Moslems today who are fleeing war-torn countries and seeking safe haven in peaceful Western nations. But apart from their refugee status there are no comparisons between the two situations.

No Western society or biblical religion is expressing their disagreement with Islam because Moslems are of a different faith. Unfortunately extremism has hijacked an entire people putting into practice terrorism that is striking all over the world in the name of Islam. Yes, there are Moslem refugees fleeing their native countries but accompanying those who are truly fleeing a bad situation are terrorists emboldened with the Islamic message of death to the infidel. These terrorists have already struck in France and the United States. Many of the supposed refugees have begun destroying the countries of the governments who took them in to shelter them from persecution. 

Is there anything comparable to people loaded into filthy trains for trips to death camps and refugees who travel to countries as persecuted victims while planning the demise of the people in their new host nation?

DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is one of the more visible Jews claiming the Jewish people owe the refugees safe sanctuary because of the anti-Semitism that has perpetrated the world for millennia. “By demonizing an entire religion, it makes it more difficult for the U.S. to prosecute the war on terror and keep our homeland safe. It also stands in stark contrast to American and Jewish values.”   

What Jewish values is Wasserman-Schultz talking about? Is she talking about the passage in Genesis where Abraham welcomes three strangers into his home while he is recovering from his circumcision? Did she read a few lines further to learn the strangers were angels? Is there anything angelic about a terrorist who hides himself among others to murder innocent people? 

Is she talking about turbulent Jewish history when Jews were scattered to the four corners of the world to live in countries who resented their presence? They didn’t resent them because they represented a military threat or because their religion was a risk to the dominant faith of the country. Their hatred stemmed from total malice toward a culture that never represented a threat. If Ms. Wasserman Schultz would study the basis of the hatred towards her people she would learn that the hatred stemmed from the strict adherence of Jews to a moral code they believe was revealed to them by their Creator. If Ms. Wasserman Schultz remembers correctly Hitler’s hatred of morality was the impetus for justifying his hatred of the Jews and his reason for perpetrating the worst example of man’s in humanity towards man in history. All this animosity had its inception in the moral code practiced by the Jews and embraced by every democratic society on earth.

It was in this ethical code that the U.S. Constitution guaranteeing citizens religious freedom and cultural diversity was created.  Because of the acceptance of this diversity terrorists opened fire at a holiday party in San Bernadino last week. The party environment represented fun and religious practices outside of Islam. For terrorists this is reason enough to murder fourteen human beings and injure seventeen more. The activities and motives of the terrorists could have been revealed if neighbors felt they could alert police to the strange activities going on in the terrorists’ home. But the neighbors were afraid of being cast as islamophobes and facing consequences for engaging in non-PC speech. Ms. Wasserman Shultz, can you find American values in an America who has taken Islam under its wing so securely that the attorney general has stated that no anti-Moslem rhetoric will be tolerated? Has she issued equal statements for anti-Christian or anti-Semitic speech?

Can the American Jewish establishment acknowledge that the Moslem refugee situation and Moslem religion as represented by terrorists has nothing to do with Judaism? The ethical backbone of Judaism is life and taking every available measure to preserve it. Contrast that with radical Islam where leaders strap suicide belts on men, women and children to detonate in a crowd of infidels, killing not only the non-believers but the Moslem child they brought into this world. I implore Jewish leaders to stop using Jewish values in defense of your obsession to equate a culture of life with a civilization that promotes death.