The Revolution We Need

We need a revolution if we are to survive as a people and as a nation.  While the changes in federal policy needed to undo the damage of leftism are high-profile presidential election issues, the real revolution needs to come at a different level of government and with a different purpose. 

What we are fighting, really, is fifty years of leftist indoctrination from education, information, and entertainment.  Until we fight back and win the battles at this level, we will continue with the drearily familiar mind control of the left over our lives.

We can win that battle, and we can begin the fight today – right now, if we want – through state governments.  Republican muscle in state governments is overwhelming.  Only eight states have Democrats controlling state government completely, while Republicans control a whopping twenty-three with 47% of the American population.  These governments control education, run  public television and radio, and fund research projects through university systems.

What conservative politicians – or any politicians who wishes voters to think he is conservative – ought to do right now is begin to fight at the state government level against the control by the left of public schools, colleges, and television, as well as state-sponsored research. 

Here is one example.  Oklahoma is a very conservative state, completely controlled by Republicans.  The energy industry faces dramatic economic losses because of the acceptance as "settled science" of the left's global warming theory.  The Oklahoma School of Meteorology is the largest and best meteorology school in America and part of state government.  What if the Oklahoma Legislature appropriated $50 million to that school to research flaws in the theory of man-made global warming? 

The research topic relates to vital economic and governmental issues, and it is part of science to challenge orthodoxy and critique methods and data.  It is hard to imagine any intellectually serious objection to a critical examination of prevailing scientific orthodoxies.  (Indeed, if no serious criticism is allowed, then why are taxpayers funding research in this area?)

There are other conservative states like Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, and Mississippi located in vital glacial areas or on lowland gulf regions.  Their universities could conduct their own research projects to critically examine all aspects of the theory and advocacy of man-made global warming.

What if research studies from several respected colleges (or research centers created by states to study global warming) determined that man-made global warming is not "settled science," that there is a pernicious groupthink in academia about global warming, that data has been altered, and that there may be global cooling or global warming uncaused by man?  The impact would be felt around the world. 

Here is another example.  David Horowitz has been waging for years a lonely battle to have state legislatures enact an Academic Bill of Rights, which would have the effect of granting harried and persecuted conservative students protections against thuggish and bullying leftist professors.  Why hasn't every state run by Republicans passed this law?

Public television and radio are state entities.  These agencies could produce politically incorrect entertainment programs, which might well catch on like wildfire (political correctness has murdered comedy) or produce documentaries giving Americans the side that they have never heard on historical issues: the reality of Soviet penetration of America during the Cold War, the lack of ideological competition in the mainstream media, the destructiveness of Islam in human history…and so on. 

Conservative state governments could combine to develop and use textbooks that present history in a more evenhanded way and purge political correctness.  Students could be given regular standardized tests on knowledge of the Constitution and American history.  Reform of public education is within the grasp of any "conservative" Republican state government that wishes to tackle that issue.   

The impact of winning – heck, the impact of just fighting – on a hundred different areas left today by default to the left could change American society and begin to open the eyes of those Orwellian slaves of leftist indoctrination who, today, have simply never been exposed to anything but the dull, predictable glop of leftism.

This is the peaceful, orderly, necessary revolution that is the linchpin of every other political reform.  It is the key to unraveling the madness that controls many Americans, especially the young raised on the bitter milk of state education.  If this is the battle to be won, why are we waiting?  Begin the revolution now.   

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