Terrorism and the Multiculturalism Experiment

An ordinary citizen, in light of recent events, might step back and ask a George W. Bush-esque question: who is with us, and who is against us?  This should be asked not to the world, but to our own countrymen.  That this even needs to be asked is a sad commentary on our nation's inexorable plunge toward a Tower of Babel nightmare.  

Trump's assertion that Muslims celebrated in New Jersey after 9/11 has caused an ongoing media controversy that cuts to a bitter truth: the multicultural project has been, and continues to be, an utter failure.  What could be more dispositive of this assertion than fellow citizens celebrating after our experiencing the most dastardly attack in our history?

This is why the media has so bitterly and acrimoniously refuted the account.  It betrays the most trite cliché of our culture: "diversity is out strength."  Trump himself obviously does not care about violating these pieties, which is why he so confounds our cherished opinion-makers.  He defies the commissars and must therefore be whipped back into shape.  Unfortunately for them, Trump does not acknowledge their whip hand and instead wields the whip himself.

Needless to say, the whole affair is a textbook study in media bias.  The media must brutally suppress this story lest it unravel their narrative of racial harmony in America, to mention nothing of religion.  Chuck Todd was so exercised in his Sunday morning interview/interrogation that Trump hilariously advised him, "Take it easy, Chuck."  That moment was very telling: an objective reporter really shouldn't be so emotionally invested in any line of questioning, not to mention ideologically invested.

In a sinister maneuver, the media moved the goal post, first claiming this to be a total fabrication, then demanding that Trump prove there were thousands celebrating as opposed to, say, hundreds.  Nonetheless, as Breitbart declared, Trump has been 100% vindicated by documentary evidence as well as hundreds of eyewitnesses, both in the past and recently, recalling the event.

Multiculturalism has failed in many facets and to many degrees.  It has become a question of whether we'll awkwardly coexist as estranged neighbors, as Robert Putnam described in Bowling Alone, or whether it will turn to outright violence.  Either outcome is not ideal.  This is despite the image of an alternate reality presented on TV in ads, mindless television shows, and other narrative perpetuators.  Those who lead sheltered lives are content to believe in this alternate reality, undisturbed by the more sinister, actual sociological circumstances, which from time to time cannot be ignored even by the most disengaged Americans.

Now, we might turn our attention for a moment to Hispanics in America, reputed to be "natural conservatives."  This nomenclature is dubious at best, yet one may be heartened by some responses to more recent incidents of Islamic terrorism from this community. 

In its coverage of the San Bernardino terrorist attack, Univision lamented estereotipos raciales (racial stereotypes), as if that were the main threat at this juncture.  The network strikes a disingenuous tone, which reminds one of our very own English mainstream media; they're obviously both part of the same leftist media complex.  If the attacker is white, the diagnosis is mental illness rather than terrorism, Univision complained, whereas if the attacker is Muslim and screams Allah akbar, it is so ignorantly presumed to be terrorism.

Some online commenters on the article, albeit anonymously, struck a different tone: "Once again Obama lies to the nation, he said there were no threats to my country America while at the same time infecting us with Syrians."  Notice that last phrase, in the original Spanish infectando de sirios.  Another commenter wryly noted that la religion de la paz ("the religion of peace") may have struck again, in which scenario he predicted that it would be somehow blamed on George W. Bush.  It's nice to see that ironic tropes transcend the language barrier…

Though the Spanish-speaking media is outrageously biased, the consumers of that media are not as uniform as one might otherwise imagine.  You have Hispanics reacting to Islamic terrorism in a manner less PC than your average American.  Further buttressing this point, a new poll indicates that 63 percent of Hispanics oppose the insane notion of importing Syrian refugees in vast quantities to America.  This is a hint of hope in an otherwise dreary multicultural landscape: at least this one emerging demographic does not actively want to kill us, or does not dance on rooftops when we are killed.

These are bits and pieces pasted together to try to make sense of where we are and what might be our destiny.  Despite these caveats, I peer through the doorway that shows us our future and wince. 

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