Obama's 'Peace' Strategy.

I haven’t checked lately to see if the oceans are still rising, due to human sinfulness and love of big cars, or whether the waters are finally receding, as per Obama’s instructions seven years ago. 

Peace is breaking out all over. In Syria 200,000-300,000 people are dead in a civil war, where Obama supported terrorist gangs like Al Nusra and the “Free Syrian Army.” The U.S. created the “moderate” FSA, and gave it TOW anti-tank missiles, which it used to shoot down that Russian rescue helicopter last week, as it was trying to pick up the downed jet pilot. 

The Free Syrian Army now turns out to be a front for the Ikhwan, the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama’s close ally in all his Middle East adventures. Meanwhile, Yemen and Libya have fallen apart. In Nigeria, Boko Haram has actually killed more people than ISIS. BH is still raiding towns to steal African children for the slave markets, without a word of protest from Jesse Jackson or Jeremiah Wright. 

Apparently All Black Lives don’t really matter. Not if they are in Africa. 

The territory controlled by ISIS now covers the most strategic points in all of Iraq and half of Syria, making up the single biggest would-be state in that region. 

We now know that Turkey, an Islamofascist state, has been building up ISIS in exchange for a cut of (stolen) Iraqi oil, mainly benefiting Bilal Erdogan, the son of the “democratically elected” president. Turkey shot down that Russian Sukhoi-24 to protect Bilal’s share of the ISIS oil profits. By funding, recruiting, and backing ISIS, which routinely commits the worst war crimes since the Nazis, the Erdogans are de facto war criminals.

Next time you see more children being executed on YouTube, you can credit the Erdogans, supported by the US of A under Obama. This is far beyond disgraceful. It’s the very stuff of the Nuremburg Trials. I have never felt deeply ashamed of an American administration — until now. 

Looking at the map you can see their strategic goal: To rebuild a militant Sunni barrier to Iran’s Shi’ite imperialism. The territory claimed by ISIS is mostly Sunni, and in the most ruthless great power politics you set enemies against each other to protect your own hide. 

Saddam Hussein was a humanitarian monster, whose sons took delight in feeding Iraqi prisoners into industrial plastic shredders. But Saddam served as a buffer against Iranian aggression; and, as James Baker once put it, Iran and Iraq deserved each other. 

Obama’s good friends in Turkey are setting up the Islamic State to be a new buffer against Iranian expansionism. In addition to our NATO “ally” Turkey, which is turning into a true fascist state, the Sunni oil dynasties in Qatar and Saudi Arabia are financing ISIS to protect themselves from the mullahs, aided the international Ikhwan and Obama. 

It all makes sense with just two words: Sunni and Shi’ite, the ancient watershed of Muslim history.

If you put like with like on the map, you can see the new Middle East to come. Turkey wants to restore the Ottoman Empire, still remembered with horror in Greece, Armenia, and the Balkans. Iran is already an “Islamic Republic,” and only needs to change the word “Republic” to “Caliphate.” ISIS has declared its goal of becoming an Islamic State. Unstable Pakistan is already a sort of a state, with an estimated 100 nuclear weapons. ISIStan is the final keystone in the new Muslim arch. 

In a sane world some such an arrangement might work. But this Islam arose as a desert warrior culture, and it has never been able to escape its past. Islam recognizes no limits to its imperial ambitions. Vladimir Putin has good reason to bomb Syrian rebels, in order to destroy his own Chechen terrorists who plan to come back to Russia to kill people. China is just as worried about ISIS harboring Uighurs, their own Muslim rebels. 

Muslims states have always sponsored terrorist rebels in neighboring states, as Pakistan has always done in India. The latest massacre in Paris is just an extension of normal Jihadi imperialism. That ideology of conquest is not going to change when there are five contending caliphates with modern weapons, and a limitless supply of hatred for each other and for the West. 

Samuel Huntington, the political scientist who first warned about the new Jihad war, pointed out that Jihad is a global imperium, whose borders are on fire wherever you look. Jihadists will happily murder New Yorkers, Hindus, Jews, and each other, all for the greater glory of God. 

The strategic geniuses behind this new Sykes-Picot plan for the Middle East are therefore gambling that half a dozen really big and powerful Muslim states, armed with nukes and missiles, will be an improvement over 57 smaller ones, divided by sectarian, tribal, ethnic, national, strategic, linguistic, social, economic, cultural and dietary differences. 

The Sykes-Picot map of the Middle East was drawn up in 1916 to divide power across traditional lines. The result was a frothing cauldron that weakened the forces of Jihad, a process of fragmentation that ended with the rise of OPEC after 1973. 

The OPEC cartel empowered two ancient reactionary forces in Islam: Wahhabism in Arabia and Khomeinism in Iran. With their oil billions the Saudis immediately started to finance and execute a great Jihad against Europe and the rest of the world. They are still doing it.

In 1979, Jimmy Carter smiled upon the rise of Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran, letting the mullahs take absolute power over 75 million people, setting the stage for another nuclear caliphate. 

What’s better for peace in the world, 57 small and quarrelsome states, or half a dozen really powerful ones? 

The Romans chose to divide and conquer their enemies. Obama’s strategy is to unify and concentrate a theology of world conquest in several major centers of power. 

Well, which was worse for the peace of Europe, twenty German-speaking provinces from Bavaria to Switzerland, or a unified German Empire under Bismarck? 

You know the answer. 

Every major European war in the last two centuries involved one or another German-speaking empire. If Bismarck had never created his Reich, the center of Europe might have remained a collection of separate principalities, each with its own traditions, dialects, and local pride.

Without a centralized Reich, there might have been no world wars. Even the Soviet Union was created by the German General Staff during World War I, by smuggling Lenin into Russia to overthrow the Romanovs. Lenin infected Russia with Marxism, but Karl Marx derived his own ideas from the Prussian Kaisertum. Lenin infected Russia with a Prussian ideological virus, and we know how well that worked.

It’s fashionable to say that Sykes and Picot created a disastrous Middle East by slicing and dicing the borders across ancient tribal, ethnic, and religious boundaries. Obama, who has faith in Harvard professors, probably thinks that.  

But Sykes and Picot were no fools. They understood the endemic tribal war cultures of the Middle East. Their goal was to prevent the rise of new and globally dangerous caliphates like the Ottoman Empire. The Sykes-Picot divide and conquer strategy worked, until Erdogan took over Turkey, preaching a return to the Ottoman Empire.

Obama’s policy today is to build up half a dozen centers of Muslim imperialism: Turkey, Iran, ISIStan, and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Then peace is bound to come.

Or will it?