Everything Bad, It Seems, Is My Fault

I’ve been feeling down lately.

You see, I’m a white heterosexual American Christian. That means I’m the worst thing to ever draw breath on the planet. By virtue of existing, my kind if responsible for all the injustice in the world.

Wars splintering apart Mesopotamia? Famine raging in Africa? Poverty in Latin America?

All my fault. White colonialism has ransacked the entire globe, leaving it razed and destitute. All the world’s problems, from hunger to strife to impoverishment, fall squarely on the back of the white man.

And those are just the issues that affect people beyond America’s borders.

On the homefront, white heteronormative Christ-believers are, again, being blamed for all of society’s ills. The bourgeoisie lifestyle once seen as high achievement is now regarded as backwards and idiotic. Human dignity has been redefined by will-to-power gnostics. Liberal elites now tell us it’s brave to ravage and deform your body. They demand that we all endorse same sex marriage. And they regard all rational limits to behavior, no matter how debased, as bigoted.

If that weren’t bad enough, the simple things we take for granted have become verboten.

Symbols of heritage pride? Must be snuffed out. Classic movies? Sexist and racist. Historically accurate fictional characters? They need to be recast using affirmative action standards. Morally questionable figures that led major institutions? Well, obviously they need to be tossed into the memory hole. Even pop star Taylor Swift isn’t safe from charges of embodying white superiority.

Everyday language is not immune from the Purge Whitey campaign either. “Illegal immigrant” is now an offensive term, despite its accuracy. Saying “all lives matter” has been contorted to mean the opposite: that some lives really do matter more than others. You’re not even allowed to utter “hard worker” anymore, lest someone become peeved off.

If you’re a white traditionalist Christian in America, not only is everything you know and hold dear rotten, but reality itself is bending under your feet. Your very worldview is under attack. What you thought was a reasonable, faith-influenced ethic towards life is actually grounds to lose your livelihood, social standing, and even family.

It’s all very disheartening. Social scientists are puzzled as to why middle-aged white working-class males are killing themselves at an alarming rate. A recent study by two Princeton economists found that the death rate among middle-aged white Americans is rising while other racial groups are falling. The New York Times described it “startling” news. Samuel Preston, a professor of sociology at the University of Pennsylvania, was wowed by the statistic and called it “a vivid indication that something is awry in these American households.”

Well no sh*t, Sherlock. Something is definitely wrong when an entire race is fatally numbing itself. These eggheads, who are likely middle-aged whites themselves, can’t grasp the cause behind the slow suicide of white America.

There are a number of plausible explanations for the deathly trend, but one of the root causes is being ignored: the constant, unrelenting call for whites to repent for all of history’s sins.

Nowhere is this more apparent than on university campuses. As the Autumn of Collegiate Outrage continues, and black student bodies clamor for white faculty to bow down and meet their demands, there is a hateful animus underpinning the egalitarian movement. Young white women are being called “filthy white f*cks” by unruly hooligans. “White-centric” curriculum is being challenged as traumatizing to minorities. The great writers and thinkers of the West -- Dante, Homer, Shakespeare, Hemingway -- are being erased in favor of modern, more diverse figures. 

It’s all part of a larger power struggle to redistribute moral authority to groups who have historically lacked influence. By bringing down “white supremacy,” these militant racial activists hope to elevate themselves.

So what happens when a group of people is mocked, pilloried, and chastised on a near-constant basis? They revolt. At a time of high economic anxiety, disruption in the streets, and terror threats inching closer to home, it only feels right to be angry and resentful. Is it really any surprise, then, that someone outspoken like Donald Trump gets so much support from white Middle American Radicals?

There is nothing wrong with being what Alexis de Tocqueville called an Anglo-American. It’s a proud and mighty tradition. Every race, every creed, every ethnicity, every nation has its shares of triumphs and disgraces. Nobody is sacred. Why white Americans should feel worse about themselves than, say, inner-city blacks who shoot each other at rates higher than other groups, Muslims who mutilate the genitalia of little girls, or Mexican narco murderers is never a question answered by multiculturalists. The sins of minorities are considered peanuts compared to the atrocities committed by the white race.

Acquiescing to the demands of the anti-white Left is to seal our fate. Unless there is a pushback against the forces who wish to destroy to our fragile society, we’ll lose the basis for Western civilization. Standing up for your race’s legacy isn’t the same as calling yourself better than other races. It’s a matter of respect to the forebears who spent their lives creating what you now enjoy. For all its faults, the West, and particularly America, is pretty darn good compared to what could have been. We have good manners, the rule of law, and good dose of social trust.

When reading the latest Blame Whitey screed in the newspaper, white Christian American should ask themselves: Are these really something to feel ashamed of?