Donald Trump: Right as Usual

When the next Islamist atrocity spills more blood in the streets of America, many now criticizing Donald Trump for his call to ban Muslim immigration temporarily may reconsider.  And whether it is the GOP establishment elite or the hysterical and maniacal media that are gunning for him, Donald Trump is saying things that grassroots conservative Americans only dare think.

In the wake of the atrocities of Paris and San Bernardino, why not have a temporary ban on Muslim immigration?  And why has the GOP establishment declared Donald Trump Enemy Number One?

Mr. Trump's recent call for such a ban in the wake of the Muslim massacre in California has sent the political-media axis from right to left and from coast to coast spinning into a mass apoplectic attack.  Forgetting that it is Islamic supremacists who are at war with America – and living among us – Donald Trump's enemies have brought out the long knives against him while performing the most incredible verbal gymnastics in defending the "religion of peace" and acting as apologists for so-called "violent extremists."

What is unfolding in the wake of Mr. Trump's views is nothing short of sheer insanity.  Whether it is likening the proposed immigration ban to Hitler's extermination of the Jews or simply calling Trump (what else?) a racist, it appears that America's political puppeteers have become completely unhinged.

For those Americans eager to show their love of perverse diversity, let us remember this: Islam (or "radical" Islam) has declared war on America.  The September 11, 2001 attacks were not the beginning, and they certainly were not the end.  Bending over backwards to show "tolerance" and "sensitivity" while scourging and crucifying Donald Trump will have no effect on our Islamist enemies.  Even if Donald Trump were to be stripped of his citizenship and expelled from America, the Soldiers of Allah would not stop their war on America right here in the homeland.

The fact that the female Muslim murderer in California was a recent "immigrant" here on a K-1 visa  should be enough to shut down all immigration for a period of time.  Indeed, it is long overdue to review, revise, and overhaul our immigration policies, which seem to favor the coming of people to these shores who are openly inimical and antithetical to traditional American values and laws.  Whether it is illegal aliens from Latin America or jihadists from the Muslim world, America seems to be committing suicide – or homicide against its citizens – in welcoming such "immigrants."

Unfortunately, no corrective action will take place with the current occupant in the Oval Office and his adjutants, who are enforcing his leftist and racialist ideology.

Mr. Trump is not a madman, racist, clown, or demagogue, despite how his pathetic Republican rivals have slandered him.  Trump might not be a traditional conservative in the mold of Ted Cruz, but he is a man who cares deeply about America.  And because he is not a professional politician, Mr. Trump tells the truth in a down-to-earth manner, even if it is unpolished.  The fact that he is leading in most polls shows that his message – and his blunt talk – are resonating with a good portion of the American people.

But what is particularly galling and hypocritical is the GOP attempt to take down Mr. Trump at any and all costs.  Let us take a brief look at some of his opponents and their positions and actions.

Jeb Bush talks about the "love" that illegal aliens have for this country, ignores the crime that they commit, and supports Common Core.  Marco "Gang of Eight" Rubio is in the same league regarding illegals and amnesty, though more clever in clothing himself as a conservative.  He has curiously uttered a veritable panegyric to Huma Abedin, possibly a stealth Islamist who was Hillary Clinton's former deputy chief of staff and now is her campaign vice chairwoman.  Chris Christie, who now talks tough on Islamists and Obama, appointed an Islamist to a judgeship in New Jersey and has relationships with Muslim supremacists.  Christie, the head of the Republican Governors Association, would not endorse New York's Republican gubernatorial candidate.  Rand Paul smiles and shakes hands with the racial charlatan Al Sharpton, proudly posing for a picture with this con man.  Carly Fiorina has been in a love fest  for years with the other racial con man, Jesse Jackson.

Is this the best that the GOP can put forward?  And these candidates have the gall and audacity to criticize Donald Trump for not being a "real" conservative?

It is absolutely astounding and appalling at how low the Republicans have fallen.  As for the Democrats, there is nothing to be said other than that they appear to have acquired huge parts of the GOP as a subsidiary.  The unified hatred of Donald Trump in both parties shows this.

Is Donald Trump a perfect conservative candidate with a perfect conservative background?  The answer is no.  There are many questions that he needs to answer, including on the matter of liberal and racial policies that he might have held in the past.

But if Trump has discarded the liberal elements and sincerely embraced the conservative cause, and if the Trump juggernaut continues unabated, conservatives can expect the GOP elitists to sabotage his campaign at every opportunity.  Indeed, it will not come as a shock to grassroots conservatives that the GOP establishment will prefer Madame Hillary and a Democrat majority in Congress to a Trump presidency.  And in that case, why shouldn't Donald Trump make a third-party run?  Doubtless, Trump in his business life never acquired the number of cutthroats, snakes, and sharks he has now come across in politics and the media.

At this juncture, the election is almost a year away.  Much will occur in that period.  One thing is for sure: Donald Trump is his own man, and as long as the Man Upstairs protects him from all his enemies, he is not going away.  The political elitists of both parties had better accept it.  Perhaps the Silent Majority is indeed back again.

Steven Simpson has a B.A. in political science and a master's degree in library science.  He has contributed articles to American Thinker, Canada Free Press, and other conservative sites. E-mail: