Conservatives: Beware the Seductive Deceptions of the Dark Side

I thought about Lot's wife. God instructed Lot to take his family and leave the unrepentant evil city of Sodom without looking back. Lot's wife took one last peek back at sin city. She was transformed into a pillar of salt. Was she becoming seduced by Sodom? When Lot was at work, was his wife home reading her subscription to Sodomy Today?

A conservative friend is an avid viewer of CNN. Why? I do not know. Anyway, my friend sides with the MSM/Left that Trump's proposal to ban Muslims temporarily from entering our country is disgusting; a betrayal of our nation's proud heritage of religious freedom.

This “betrayal of our nation's proud heritage of religious freedom” line is typical; a trick of the Left to change the subject. Trump is not assaulting religious freedom. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all the terrorist attacks which have killed Americans are by Muslims. It is insane and irresponsible not to take common sense precautions to protect Americans.

Also, since when does the Left give a rat's derriere about respecting religious freedom. The Left is doing everything in its power to make practicing Christianity illegal in America

With all the media coverage and outrage over Trump's proposal, I bet you do not know that Obama is not allowing Christian refugees into the U.S. Despite Christians being beheaded, their women raped, and children tortured, Obama and his sycophant media have given them the cold shoulder. 

Obama takes every opportunity to trash Christians. Leftists react to the Bible like Dracula reacts to the cross. Therefore, it is pretty repulsive when Obama and his Leftist media buddies recite biblical principles, twisting the meaning to manipulate Christians and well-intention Americans.

Placing themselves on a seat of moral superiority, Leftists look down their noses at the rest of us. Then they spew compassionate-sounding liberal-speak hogwash to manipulate us.

The dirty little secret behind the Left's passionate push to illegally allow everyone and their brother to enter our country is their Democrat voter registration scheme. Excluding Christians, all are welcome -- repeat felons, carriers of strange diseases, and possible Islamic terrorists.

Once tons of illegals are in our country, Democrats will get them addicted to government handouts and fight to give illegals the right to vote. GOP resistance will be branded racism. Addicting illegals to government undermines our tradition of striving for self-reliance. Democrats believe this will insure new loyal Democrat voters.

Also, Leftists have a bug up their derrieres about America being too white for too long. This explains the Left's obsession with changing America's demographics and culture with illegals.

Liberals/Democrats/Leftists are the ultimate control freaks. Addicting the masses to government dependency gives Leftists power to control every aspect of American life; Obama's fundamental transformation of America.

“As long as you're under my roof and I am paying the bills, you will do what I say.” Sound familiar?

In the Left's dream America, Obama decides whether or not to give granny a new liver or pain pills until she dies (Obamacare death panels). 

Obama takes your gun -- only government is armed. Obama demands that you betray your Christian faith -- mandating that you subscribe to Sodomy Today. All must drive tiny tin-can Smart cars. Eating meat, large homes, coal and gasoline are banned to save the planet. Christian pastors and conservative commentators are jailed as enemies of the state. The Constitution is burned. Folks, this is not much of an exaggeration of the Left's dream for America. Flooding our country with illegals moves them closer to making their dream a reality.

Do not be suckered by the Left absurdly comparing Trump to Hitler, trying to guilt-trip Americans into embracing their despicable Democrat voter registration scheme. There is historical precedent for Trump's proposal. 

As a kid, my black grandmother was quarantined for a year or so due to tuberculosis. Was that racist, mean, or common sense? Obviously, quarantining my grandma was reasonable responsible common sense.

For years, I sang my original song, “Celebrate America” at monthly Immigration Ceremonies in Maryland. From the stage, I witnessed the faces of thousands of new brother and sister Americans as they tearfully took their oath of allegiance.

Our great nation is about welcoming seekers of freedom -- productive contributors. The Left's insistence on opening the floodgates to illegal leeches, criminals, and those who seek to murder Americans and destroy our way of life is evil.

Conservatives, beware the deceptive pull of the Dark Side. May the Godly force of Conservatism be with you.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American