Why is the FBI Spending $80 Million on a New Gun?

When conservatives complain about profligate federal spending, part of the problem is the sheer magnitude of the federal budget, where mere tens of millions seem hardly worth talking about in a flood of dollars, both taxed and borrowed, that is in the trillions.  That of course, allows all sorts of waste in which a few million here and there hardly seems worth fighting over.  Take for example, the FBI’s recent decision to reequip their agents with an entirely new and entirely unnecessary handgun, which will cost American taxpayers something like $80,000,000.  The FBI has an interesting history of handgun use that is closely followed.  An important event in that history is a shootout in Miami in 1986 in which two FBI agents were killed, and several others wounded.  After the gunfight the FBI decided to reevaluate their handguns.  The gun-battle was an extremely rare occurrence in which a couple of hardened criminals decided to go down fighting...(Read Full Article)