White Racism at Mizzou and Berkeley: Racial Hoaxes of the Week

A mediocre team of subliterate football players is now running the University of Missouri. Maybe no one will notice the difference. The takeover occurred over the last week, when members of the sub .500 football team joined black activists in demanding the university president resign. They insisted there was lots and lots of white racism on the campus -- and the president’s white privilege made him blind to see it -- or do anything about it. Lots of white students joined in, admitting they too were guilty of white racism. And because they could not quite figure out what it was, it had to be subconscious. So the president had to go. And he did, leaving behind a plea for “more diversity.” The real story on and around the Mizzou campus is just the opposite of the fairy tale these Black Lives Matter wannabes would have us believe: Crime and violence in Columbia, Missouri is a big problem -- and it’s a black thing. Just two weeks ago, a local...(Read Full Article)