White Racism at Mizzou and Berkeley: Racial Hoaxes of the Week

A mediocre team of subliterate football players is now running the University of Missouri. Maybe no one will notice the difference.

The takeover occurred over the last week, when members of the sub .500 football team joined black activists in demanding the university president resign. They insisted there was lots and lots of white racism on the campus -- and the president’s white privilege made him blind to see it -- or do anything about it.

Lots of white students joined in, admitting they too were guilty of white racism. And because they could not quite figure out what it was, it had to be subconscious.

So the president had to go.

And he did, leaving behind a plea for “more diversity.”

The real story on and around the Mizzou campus is just the opposite of the fairy tale these Black Lives Matter wannabes would have us believe: Crime and violence in Columbia, Missouri is a big problem -- and it’s a black thing.

Just two weeks ago, a local TV station documented all the violence that exists just off campus -- with dozens of assaults and robberies in the space of just a few months in this small college town.

Some of the assaults were on a hiking and biking trail popular with students. Others episodes of violence were in the downtown area that surrounds the campus.

The reporter did not say what is easily found out in public records at the city police and campus police web sites: the predators are overwhelmingly black. The victims are not.

I documented this in a video last week

The story bears some similarity to the news of an epidemic of white racism that broke out at Berkeley High in California two weeks ago. A teacher’s aide found an open computer containing a message saying that the KKK was coming to Berkeley on December 9.

Soon after, the faculty and staff and student body swung into action -- everyone condemned the white racism at Berkeley -- yes, that Berkeley -- and demanded all sorts of things to make sure it never happened again.

Administrators vowed to take the fullest legal action possible once the miscreant was apprehended.

Thousands of students walked out of class shouting “Black power” and “Black Lives Matter.” The principal and faculty joined in the marching and chanting.

Soon after they figured out who the real culprit was, but were loath to admit it: the person who created the (misspelled) KKK announcement was a black student. It was a hoax. And they fell for it hook, line and angry black clenched fist.

Soon after, all the talk of strident legal action withered away. It was replaced with a new willingness to make sure the (still officially unidentified) student was given his full measure of “restorative justice” -- instead of the old fashioned, punitive way of suspending or expelling him for misbehavior, which everyone knows causes black people to go to prison for no reason what so ever.

The racism on campus may have been a hoax. But like Columbia, violent crime in Berkeley is not:  and yes, it is a black thing there too. Often directed at their Asian students with their sweet, sweet phones and laptops.

Just a few months ago, while protesting police brutality against a New York sidewalk illegal cigarette merchant, a white man was attacked by a black mob. They fractured his skull with a hammer -- despite the fact that he was on their side.

But most of the violence is not political. Black students at Berkeley High are also well known to merchants in the downtown area: Where they frequently rampage through the area, creating mayhem, destroying property, defying police, and causing violence.

The recent headlines tell some of the story:  5 Arrested After 15-20 Youths Fight Downtown.

2 Berkeley High students injured, 3 arrested after fights downtown

Rowdy high schoolers disrupt Berkeley downtown

Lots of it on video -- all documented in that scintillating best seller, Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry.

Lots more racial violence does not make the news. Just ask the parents of white or Asian students. In the meantime, the school principal has assured the parents that their school will not tolerate any racial slurs or violence. Real or not.

He signed his email, In Solidarity. And just for the record, the Berkeley High football team is sub .500 as well.

Colin Flaherty is an occasional visitor to Berkeley and the author of the scintillating best seller, Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry.

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