Trump a Liar? The Real Story about Deceit in Racial Crime Numbers

The real story on racial differences in crime rates is easy to find. Just go to the Washington Post, New York Daily News, CNN, or the hundreds of other news sites that recently called Donald Trump a “liar” for retweeting some misinformation about inter-racial crime. These media sites will tell you there is no difference between white and black crime. The only reason black people are arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced five to 100 times more often is because racist cops pick on black people for no reason whatsoever. This Holy Grail of racial disparity has been featured in the Washington Post (with nine charts!), New York Times, and tons of other outlets as proof positive of Institutional Racism. “When it comes to illegal drugs, white America does the crime, black America does the time,” says the Huffington Post. Down in Atlanta, Cynthia Tucker from the Atlanta Journal Constitution talks about how “Countless studies have shown that black...(Read Full Article)