The Folly of Disrespecting Putin

I never expected to see the leaders of the two biggest nuclear powers in the world spitting in each other's faces.  But it's happening today before our very eyes, with Obama's "best friend" Recip Erdoğan of Turkey having deliberately provoked Russia by shooting down a Sukhoi Su-24 jet, using two American-made F-16s, and leaving one of the Russian pilots to be killed by U.S.-supported jihadi gangs on the ground.  Putin sees Erdoğan as Obama's string puppet, so we are involved, whether we like it or not.

The same jihadist gang that shot one of the parachuting pilots apparently destroyed a Russian rescue helicopter with a U.S.-supplied TOW anti-tank missile, killing at least one Russian Marine.  The so-called "Free Syrian Army" was among the gaggle of jihadis on the ground, and the FSA has now been exposed to the world as a Muslim Brotherhood front, supported by this administration.

In Kremlin videos, Putin's stuttering outrage was unmistakable.  He looked ready to strangle somebody.  Meanwhile, Obama's and Turkey's reactions can only be described in gutter language.  Turkey's prime minister freely admitted to having ordered the shoot-down of the Russian jet, flying over Syria only a few miles from the Turkish border, while trying to destroy Chechen jihadis who've been at war with Russia for decades. 

Obama said it was none of his business. 

But Obama is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood – which overthrew Egypt's Hosni Mubarak at the beginning of this administration, with Obama's unmistakable support.  This administration has been penetrated by the MBs, according to Admiral (USN, ret.) James Lyons, the most outspoken U.S. flag officer today.  Hillary Clinton, Obama's former SecState, is accompanied every single day by Huma Abedin, a former MB magazine editor and therefore presumptively a Moober agent.  Americans might be fooled, but the world has eyes to see it.

The Ikhwan ("brotherhood") is a Nazi-era fascist organization, founded in 1928, when fascism and Nazism were popular in the Arab world.  The Ikhwan assassinated Egypt's President Anwar Sadat in 1981 for signing a peace treaty with Israel.

Right now the Ikhwan is at war with Sadat's successor, President El-Sisi of Egypt. The murderous jihadis of ISIS are sponsored by the Ikhwan, by Qatar, and by Turkey, almost surely with active Saudi collusion. The signs have been there all along, and now Vladimir Putin has confirmed U.S. complicity to the world.  Putin says that Turkey has allowed ISIS to sell Iraqi oil on the world market, which means very big money for the corruptocrats in Ankara.  That is presumably the reason why Turkey felt the need to shoot down that Russian jet. 

Putin is escalating Russian involvement in Syria as part of his response to the shoot-down, which places Russian military power alongside Iran and its proxy terror arm, Hezb'allah.  Putin has just shown the world how much destructive power he can wield anywhere in missile range of his borders, firing volleys of cruise missiles from naval vessels in the Caspian sea, from the Moskva missile cruiser offshore in the Mediterranean, sending massive long-range bombers from Russia itself, and yet more jets from Russia's airbase at Latakia.  Putin is now sending tanks into Syria to squash our "moderate" terrorists but good. 

I have never seen a U.S. administration act with such deliberate malice and folly.  The usual response to a seventeen-second border violation is a diplomatic protest note.  The Turks are claiming they had to defend their territory – but you don't kill Russian pilots in these circumstances, unless your national security is genuinely threatened. Putin poses no threat to Ankara.  He claims he was going after jihadist gangs, including Chechens who are planning to go back to Russia to kill people.  The United States exercised the same right of preemptive defense in the case of Osama bin Laden.

Most likely, Turkey was protecting Ikhwan-controlled jihadis operating as close as possible to the border to escape Russian air strikes.  Turkey is now a neo-Ottoman Islamofascist nation, in league with the Brothers, along with Qatar, the Saudis, and ISIS. 

And with the president of the United States. 

So Putin summoned the Turkish ambassador for a two-hour screaming session in the Kremlin.  Here are some alleged quotes from Putin: "… then tell your little dictator  president he can go to hell, along with his ISIS terrorists, and I will turn Syria into nothing but a big Stalingrad, because Erdoğan and his  Saudi allies are no better than Adolf Hitler."

The Turks are still saying they warned the Putin government not to cross their border.  That legal point is completely irrelevant to the mess they have made, which is now bound to complicate American, Turkish, and NATO relations with Moscow. 

For Putin, this is a matter of national pride and credibility.  Whatever you think of his political methods, in his own eyes he has labored for decades to restore Russian self-respect, and thereby brought peace and a degree of prosperity after the breakdown of the Soviet Union.  He has fought jihadist Chechens, beginning with the Beslan and Moscow Theater terrorist attacks in 2004.  In Beslan, 186 schoolchildren were deliberately killed by Chechen terrorists, along with more than a hundred adults.  Putin retaliated by destroying entire cities in Chechnya.  In Russian eyes, Putin's actions were morally justified because he kept things from getting worse.

Russia has fought jihad for centuries.  In their eyes they are fighting for Christian civilization, against the ancient barbarians.  He is not entirely wrong. 

Putin's rule depends on power and on the perception of power.  With apparent American neutrality, Turkey has now slapped him in the face – probably to save its corrupt oil bargain with ISIS.  But Putin is not Stalin.  He is not interested in world conquest.  But he insists on Moscow being treated as a Great Power, the biggest land power in Eurasia, and heir to a long and great civilizational tradition.  Not to mention enormous military power. 

This is not some teenage gangster face-off.  It's very serious business, and if this administration can't de-escalate the clash between Turkey and Moscow, there will be endless trouble.  Obama is trying to escape the blame, but in the eyes of the world, he won't be able to.  Putin is trying to make sure that Obama's involvement will be impossible to deny.

We need some adults in the room, and fast.