The Defective Mentality of Safe Spaces

The precious snowflakes attending college these days are whining, and being indulged, about their absurd need for “safe spaces” in which they can practice their budding totalitarianism. They are demanding an insulated zone where any criticism of their uninformed emotionalism is forbidden, so that their toxic blend of illogic and anger can be brought to its full fruition.

Ignoring for the moment that we are rapidly losing spaces where we can be safe from our little proto-fascists and their warped ideologies, it might be worth reminding ourselves that there is no such thing as “safe spaces” in nature and reality. It is foolish to even think this way, since the world around us does not recognize the fantasies or delusions of the left, where some unbalanced crybabies decide to exempt themselves from the real world.

We’ve allowed this sort of fraud to go on for far too long without drawing a line, and requiring these fragile little flowers to grow up and function like human beings in a world where we don’t get to create an alternate reality because we aren’t getting our way. Despite how much progress we’ve made in enhancing our creature comforts, and how much easier we have it than our ancestors, life is still risky if only because we live in an unforgiving environment where nothing is promised to us by the laws of nature. 

These ridiculous adults and children who demand safe spaces -- meaning the protection of their self-interested thoughts and preferences from all criticism -- are dangerous not only for their stunted emotional and intellectual development, but because they are demanding that everyone else accept the fiction that they deserve protection from others as they attempt to rewrite nature and reality in ways that please them, but adversely affect those who have neither the inclination nor the time to live in make-believe worlds. No matter their angry protests and smug posturing, the world is still a cause-and-effect construct. Reality does not go on vacation.

All of this idiocy is distracting us from actuality. Every second spent pretending that there are or should be such things as safe spaces for some, at the expense of everyone else, is time lost not dealing with truth. The American left is all about theater and sleight of hand, demanding that we enter their world of make-believe and live there with them, as everything else crumbles or explodes around us. This total dependence upon fiction is one of the reasons that every single belief and policy of liberals and the left is doomed to utter failure. For them, there is never cause-and-effect, so failures are never a product of their detachment from reality.

Serious people, perhaps someone like Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, or Vladimir Putin of Russia, do not have the luxury of living fake lives in artificial environments. One is busy trying to keep his people alive and his country on the map, while the other is busy conquering weak nations and supplementing his country’s power. Both are deadly serious people, whose presence in the real world, the world of evil thwarted or practiced, affords no time for weak or defective babies, who have decided to award themselves with protection to which they have no entitlement whatsoever. Such babies are not special, and cannot be exempted from the inconvenience of exposure to the pragmatism of others, whose tangible contributions to the demands of reality trump the infants’ vacuous and parasitic existence.

Serious people get up each morning, worried about how they are going to meet their obligations, pay their bills, and do all that needs to be done. They see the trajectory of our culture, controlled by lunatics and mental patients, as it plunges off the cliff because it is not driven by serious people who live in the real world of cause-and-effect.

The same addiction to fantasy and altered reality that drives substance abusers, and which causes them to forget any fear of consequences, animates the left. They do not worry about reality, because they have chosen to reject it and live outside its confines. Their selfish existence has been one of leisure and excess, never having to do without, believing that this is their entitlement, no matter the damage they cause to others. It is the same mentality that breeds socialists and criminals, because there is no fear of consequence for the absurdity of their increasing demands on the property and rights of others. Coexistence is meaningless to them.  They seek to take as much as they can while they are allowed to do so.

In all things, there are eventual corrections. Economics is balanced, for instance, and for everything taken something must eventually be given, even if involuntarily. Someone must pay the piper. Culturally, those wishing to live by the rules developed through generations of the refinement of wisdom and practicality will eventually respond to the cultural and social losses, and the pendulum will swing back.  Some people still understand that there are truths and principles worth fighting for, and that they are vital to our survival.

What most of us could not have predicted is that those we must first fight for our survival as a free and self-determinative people are those around us whose commitment to illusion and stupidity has become so pervasive that they lack any concept of hardship, or merit. Before we can defend ourselves from external threats, we must first defeat the Americans who have worked so hard to destroy what they hate: the freedom to reject them and their world of make-believe. As the most unserious people ever to show themselves on history’s stage, they fight to destroy the culture that permits them to believe whatever defective thing they wish. If we do not fight and defeat them first, there won’t be anything left of America to defend when the wars come, internal or external, as Obama has ensured they will.

America is at its best when it is led by serious and determined realists. The world is an unforgiving place, and the childishness of the left, politically and culturally, has sown the seeds of a future of hardship, sacrifice and loss. Eventually the piper must be paid. We have no time for whiners and babies, demanding as delusional adults that we listen to their foolishness and pretend it’s serious. It is better that we re-enter the world of cause-and-effect on our own terms because we must, rather than to have that time chosen for us by serious people who have never indulged fantasy and the tender feelings of malformed adults masquerading as children. The world does not recognize safe spaces. The more we pretend, the less safe we get.