The Big Racist Lie

The Big Racist Lie is that Republican policies hurt blacks, and hence Republicans are racists, while Democrat policies help blacks. The reality is just the opposite.

Modern Democrat policies hurt blacks just as historical Democrat policies -- such as fighting the Civil War to defend slavery, founding the KKK, and passing all the segregation laws -- hurt Blacks. On the other hand, modern Republican policies help blacks just as historical Republican policies -- such as ending slavery, passing the 14th Amendment, and integrating the military and public schools -- helped Blacks.

Paradoxically, modern Democrat voters aren’t racists in general. Rather they are people who, due to MSM bias, lack facts and who tend to vote based on emotions, not analytical thought -- thanks in part to the Democrat corruption of modern public education.

In order to win elections, and black votes, Republicans have to get off the defensive and attack racist Democrat policies.

Here are a few examples of how rich White liberal Democrat policies hurt black Americans.

1) Black Lives Don’t Matter part 1: The leading cause of death for black Americans is abortion. Despite the fact that black women are five times as likely to abort their babies as white women, nearly 80% of Planned Parenthood (PP) abortion mills are in minority neighborhoods, and the founder of PP was a hardcore racist. Democrats still rally around PP. Clearly one could support abortion while working to end the huge disparity between black and white abortion rates, but Democrat politicians seem quite content with the status quo. Democrats such as Geraldine Ferraro have gone on record to say that abortion saves money by reducing the number of people on welfare. Given that blacks are disproportionately on welfare, Democrats are advocating killing blacks to reduce welfare costs.

Republicans oppose the killing of the unborn and are eager to end what Jesse Jackson called “genocide” against black people; namely abortion.

2) Black Lives Don’t Matter part 2: Every year thousands of blacks are murdered in the U.S., predominantly in Democrat-controlled cities like Chicago -- Chiraq -- and Baltimore. blacks are 4.3 times more likely to be murdered -- usually by other blacks -- than whites. Yet the Democrats’ only response is to call for laws that make it harder to convict criminals and for shorter sentences for violent offenders. They claim they’re combating racism that results in too many blacks being in jail, but the reality is that the real racism is releasing violent black criminals who will tend to prey on other blacks while leaving white folk alone.

Democrats will point to their response to George Zimmerman and Ferguson, MO to claim that they care about blacks, but the reality is that the whole Black Lives Matter movement is based on lies that benefit Democrats, not blacks. Democrats want to nationalize the police and so any narrative that portrays the police as evil benefits them. Similarly, by demonizing police, Democrats convince low-information voters that Democrats care about blacks. But if they really cared about Blacks they’d be trying to end the mass murder of blacks in cities like Chicago, not just fixating on the rare black deaths that involve Whites.

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr owned many guns because he couldn’t count on racist Southern Democrat police to protect him. Today Democrats are working hard to keep honest blacks from being able to defend themselves, a necessity because the police under attack by white Democrats can’t be everywhere, through gun control laws that whites can easily navigate but which are a huge impediment to poor blacks.

Republicans, on the other hand, want to make it easier to convict violent felons, work to keep violent criminals in jail longer, and work to make it easier for honest citizens to protect themselves from criminals.

3) You can’t be black unless you agree with Democrats: No Republican has attacked Obama as viciously as Democrats have attacked Justice Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson, or Allen West. Democrats declare that blacks who don’t support White liberal Democrat policies are not really black. What could be more racist than declaring that all “real” blacks have to agree on politics? No one would think of saying Bernie Sanders is not white because he doesn’t agree with Republican policies yet we’re told that Justice Clarence Thomas is an “Uncle Tom” or an “Oreo” because he believes in interpreting the Constitution as it was intended to be interpreted by those who wrote it.

Republicans don’t say that blacks who disagree with Republican policies aren’t really black.

4) Black Families Don’t Matter: We have good reason to believe that LBJ started the “Great Society” to benefit Democrats and the reality is that Democrat welfare policies have destroyed the Black family in American and feminized black poverty. Prior to Democrat welfare programs, black families were more likely to be intact than white families. Now, after 50 years of Democrat welfare programs, 72% of blacks are born into single-parent families -- which studies have shown leads to poverty, crime, and drug use. If Democrats really cared about blacks they’d have tried to change welfare to end the destruction of black families, yet Democrats have steadfastly refused to try and change the system.

Republicans on the other hand have followed Pope Francis’s advice:

Helping the poor financially must always be a provisional solution in the face of pressing needs. The broader objective should always be to allow them a dignified life through work.

By trying to improve the economy rather than enlarge the government, Republicans have striven to get blacks off welfare. Republicans have advocated Enterprise Zones in inner cities where companies are given tax breaks in return for providing job opportunities for blacks. All this even though blacks hardly ever vote for Republicans.

5) Blacks don’t need education: in Democrat-run cities, black children receive a horrible education that prevents them from being able to get a job. In Detroit, for example, where Democrats have been in charge for decades, students have horrible test scores. Blacks who can manage to attend private schools on the other hand can get a good education. But Democrats are more loyal to the teacher’s unions than to blacks. That is why Democrats fight hard against school choice that would enable black parents to send their children to good schools.

Republicans have supported school choice for decades because Republicans care more about kids, including black kids, than paying off teacher’s unions with high salaries even when the teachers are failing at their jobs.

It’s time for Republicans to quit playing defense and take the fight to the racist Democrat policies that have created a new plantation for blacks. 

Democrats keep blacks voting Democrat by making blacks think, with the help of the MSM, that blacks need Democrats to survive. Democrats do this by keeping crime rates high in black neighborhoods, by keeping drugs readily available in black neighborhoods, and by keeping blacks from getting an education all of which result in blacks being dependent on government and thinking that they can’t compete with whites.

The reality is that blacks are just as capable as whites and given an equal education and cultural basis they have demonstrated over and over the great benefit they are to America.

Educate your low-information friends about the real racist nature of Democrat policies so that your friends can vote for people who actually want to help blacks not for Democrats who only want to exploit blacks.

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