Obama's Corrupt and Immoral Abuse of the Military

Barack Obama's decision to send American special forces to Syria is not only hypocritical, but also a corrupt and immoral abuse of his powers as commander-in-chief. This is not a comment on his circumvention of Congress, which is something that most modern American presidents have done at one time or another with respect to military engagements abroad.  Rather, in Obama's case – uniquely in American history – we have a president who puts Americans in harm's way for no evident reason other than personal political calculations. The insertion of fifty U.S. special-forces troops into Syrian peril, whether to serve as "non-combatant" advisors or something more, has been undertaken without any reasonable hope of meaningful military success or of advancing American interests.  It is simply a political ploy, so obvious that no right-thinking American, on the right or the left, ought to countenance it, including the military officers charged...(Read Full Article)