Keeping Up With the Real Racists

The definition of “racist” has changed so much it’s hard to keep up. 

Remember the days when a racist was someone who believed in the innate superiority of one race over another?  Tragically, this ideology provided the basis for racists to segregate, victimize, and deny the rights of others.  Nevertheless, this is precisely what defined a real racist.

America isn’t perfect, but a lot has changed for the better.  Just look at all those of color who want to come here and all the white America haters who won’t leave for what they think is better grazing.  To me, this speaks volumes.

Still, progressive rabble-rousers must keep their investment in race current.  In 1997, for example, UC Berkeley sponsored a conference, The Making and Unmaking of Whiteness, where activists “critically” examined whiteness.  Within three days, they concluded that white people are the “passive inheritors of a system of privilege and wealth.”  You know it by its more fashionable name white privilege.

Such sweeping Marxist pronouncements have helped real racists forge their own definition of racism, not as acts or attitudes committed by individuals, but a racism that permanently links all white people.  And since no white person wants to be associated with racism, many whites today have enthusiastically embraced feigned diversity oriented reforms and policies just to disassociate themselves from any taint of historical racism.  This is called white guilt and it’s the real racist’s secret weapon.

But have you been keeping up with all the new definitions of a racist that these real racists have invented lately?  Chances are you fit squarely into some.

1.  Wave the American flag? You’re a racist, especially in leftist states like California where everyone knows that waving the Mexican flag is way more cool.

2.  Pro-life?  Then you’re a racist who doesn’t care about women’s “reproductive rights.”  New York City, with over 110,000 abortions each year, obviously cares.  Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger cared too, having initiated The Negro Project to get rid of black babies through sterilization.  Even Hillary Clinton agrees as evident by her 2009 statement, “I admire Margaret Sanger enormously, her courage, her tenacity, her vision.” Naturally, black lives don’t matter to real racists.

3.  Believe “all lives matter?” Clearly, you’re a white supremacist.  When Democratic presidential hopeful Martin O’Malley stated “all lives matter” in response to a “black lives matter” protest, he was promptly shouted down by a mob of real racists until he apologized for being insensitive and not realizing how much his life benefits from rampant white privilege.

4.  Gun owner?  Again, you’re a flaming racist.  The most demented of racists are supposedly members of the NRA, which I find kind of strange given that it’s America’s oldest civil rights organization.  But then, it all makes sense when you realize real racists are obsessed on discrediting the NRA because it helped train newly freed blacks when the Democratic Party denied them access to personal security and the ability to exercise their Second Amendment right after the Civil War.

5.  Support traditional marriage?  You’re obviously a racist homophobe like Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson.  Ironically, Americans love Duck Dynasty precisely because it represents the America that real racists like to mock.

6.  Believe America should secure its borders?  No doubt about it -- you’re a Mexican hating racist.  In fact, you’re so bad, U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) decided to team up with those sweet little folks from La Raza (“The Race”) to try and “punish” Americans for opposing amnesty. 

7.  Support photo identification for voting?  Then you’re a racist who wants to disenfranchise minorities.  Actually, real racists think minorities are too stupid to get the proper identification in time to vote Democrat.  Meanwhile, photo identification remains a requirement upon admittance into the Democratic National Convention.

8.  Fan of the Tea Party?  You’re a militant racist that believes in everything real racists despise, like limited government, free markets, and personal responsibility.  Take it from Senior NPR executive, Ron Schiller, who apparently knows about this kind of thing.  He described the Tea Party as “seriously racist people.”  Hmm … as opposed to not serious?

There you have it, 8 new definitions of a racist.  But seriously, I wouldn’t fret about it too much. It’s the real racists who have the long history of racism. 

However, I think real racists know their name-calling tactic is losing its luster and in need of a serious makeover.  Unfortunately, they’ve started to play a very dangerous game where false allegations of “racist” are being replaced with “terrorist.” 

Remember the Department of Homeland Security report that erroneously cast suspicion on liberty lovers, gun owners, pro-lifers, and Christians?  This report marked a new era when American citizens became the focus in the war on terror.  According to a 2013 Rasmussen poll, 26% of Obama supporters now believe the Tea Party is the nation’s top terror threat.  Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has openly labeled lawful gun owners terrorists stating, “We cannot let a minority of people … hold a viewpoint that terrorizes the majority of people.” 

Of course, fear mongering propaganda always seems to make a big appearance on college campuses where, for example, one student who, incapable of thinking independently from her professor, likens pro-lifers to “domestic terrorists.”  Meanwhile, her professor -- an aspiring real terrorist -- was caught on video assaulting a pro-lifer.  The professor, who pleaded not guilty, was charged with battery, misdemeanor theft, and vandalism.

In short, these totalitarian-minded types, like Hitler and Stalin before them, are notorious manipulators of language.  They use their perverted lexicon to target people they don’t like in an effort to create a massive shift in public perception and, ultimately, transform our culture.  And we all know how things ended with Hitler and Stalin.

Kimberly Bloom Jackson holds a doctorate in anthropology. She can be found writing about Hollywood, education, and culture at