Jeb! already has said that Marco Rubio is qualified to be President

In 2012, Jeb Bush said that Marco Rubio is qualified to be president. Sen. Rubio has had three years’ experience since then. How, did Jeb! make this claim, you ask? He publicly urged Mitt Romney to make the young Florida senator his running mate.

A candidate for Vice President must have the same qualifications to serve as the candidate for President.  He is just a heartbeat away. No one should know this better than Jeb!.

Jeb!’s dad was almost called upon to step in as President just sixty days into the first term of President Ronald Reagan. The President was shot by would-be assassin John Hinckley on March 30, 1981.

The Gipper came perilously close to dying as the bullet lodged near his heart. He put on a brave face as he walked into the Emergency Room of George Washington University Hospital in Washington. Then, he collapsed, his face ashen from massive internal bleeding. Surgeons credited Reagan’s rugged constitution with his survival.

They had never seen a seventy-year old man with such well-developed pectoral muscles, they said.

At that time, Vice President George H.W. Bush conducted himself with wonderful calm and competence. He made no error in his role as stand-in for the President at Cabinet meetings or in his reassuring words to the Nation. “We will conduct ourselves as if he were here,” George Bush told his colleagues then.

I regret the hissing and spitting catfight engineered by the media to discredit a mostly fine group of GOP candidates. It would be better if they all followed Vice President George Bush’s excellent example: Conduct yourselves as if Ronald Reagan were here.

The man on that stage who comes closest to Reagan’s genial demeanor is Marco Rubio. He parries weak thrusts with vigor and decisiveness, but he does not engage in mean-spirited jabs. He is serious. He keeps bringing the focus back to the issues we care about.

For those who say he’s too young, too inexperienced, just look at the commanding way he is able to endure this gong show routine of the so-called presidential debates. He then comments forcefully on what really matters—beating the Democrats.

The media is again making a hash of all this. Remember CNN’s John King four years ago? He asked conservative listeners to Bill Bennett’s “Morning in America” radio talk show in 2011 to give him a chance. “Just tune in,” he said, and see if we are fair to all. We did.

We heard John King ask candidates for President of the United States whether they preferred “Deep Dish or Thin Crust” pizza. John King asked this probing question while young Americans were dying in Afghanistan and Iraq! Because, of course, enquiring minds want to know.

Advice for Jeb!: it can only look tortured and contrived for you to attack the very young man you once promoted for Vice President and President. It looked like a desperate move because it was.

Marco is right to say the Democrats have the biggest Super PAC in the land -- the mainstream media. When Hillary Clinton was confronted with irrefutable evidence of her own lying, she remained cool and deliberate. Why not? She’s doing what she does best.

George Stephanopoulos said it well when he said the Clintons have no shame and that’s a great advantage in politics. That was before we learned that Stephanopoulos was a member of the Clinton Global Initiative -- thus proving he has no shame.

CBS News producer, Don Hewitt devised these media-driven shows more than half a century ago. They were designed to showcase the broad but shallow knowledge of liberal candidates. They were modeled, Hewitt claimed, on the Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858.

Hewitt’s debate format bears no resemblance to the Lincoln-Douglas Debates that can still be studied closely more than a century and a half later. Those debates were long and detailed exercises in history, economics, and political philosophy. These media shows illustrate the view offered by CBS News’ Roger Mudd. HeHe said: “We in the mass media can’t tell you what to think, but we can tell you what to think about.”

Marco Rubio has shown an extraordinary ability to respond to the loaded questions posed by members of the media. More than 90% of them have never voted for any Republican for President. So it is good that Marco Rubio does not let them tell us what to think about.