Hillary and Misogyny

The recent decision by Princeton to repudiate its most famous president, Woodrow Wilson, for his racism – after a century of adoration – is part of a pattern in leftism.  Wilson was the first "liberal" or "leftist" or "progressive" president, and he was the most racist president in American history as well.  His son-in-law, McAdoo, was supported by the Klan for the 1924 Democrat nomination.

Like virtually all Democrat presidents until Carter, Wilson was a bigot.  If this sounds extreme, consider this Democrat presidential legacy.  Grover Cleveland appointed Klansmen to the Supreme Court.  Wilson purge blacks from federal jobs.  FDR appointed a Klansman to be attorney general and another to the Supreme Court.  Truman joined the Klan, albeit briefly, and his writings discovered a few years ago showed him as an anti-Semite as well.  JFK banned Sammie Davis, Jr. from performing in the White House.  LBJ opposed every Civil Rights bill while in the Senate.  And so on.

Hillary professes to support women, but she actually supports those who treat women atrociously.  Her husband is the worst sexual predator in American political history.  This is not the problem Clinton had with his myriad affairs while married to Hillary, although that is what the left professes to be the issue.

The real problem was not whom he had consensual sex with while married – the Monica story was about Clinton's looking into the camera and lying to America – but the women he forced himself upon.  The list of women making this accusation is long, and none of these women were Republicans.  The story is depressingly familiar. 

Paula Jones was crudely harassed as an Arkansas state employee by Governor Bill Clinton.  President Bill Clinton groped a horrified Kathleen Wiley on the very day her husband had committed suicide.  Arkansas attorney general Clinton beat and savagely raped Juanita Broaddrick, according to her utterly credible report. 

Here is real misogyny, not the invented fantasies of crazy feminists.  Here Hillary is either stonily silent or lashing out at these women, who made serious charges against her dishonest husband.  How can someone like her be taken seriously when purporting to defend women?

Hillary also refuses to attack the most virulent and serious misogyny in the world today, a clear and present danger to women all over our planet: Islam.  All religions are not equal regarding the status of women.  Hindus in the twentieth century still practiced the suttee (ritual live immolation of widows) and sold young girls into temple prostitution (brides of the gods).  Buddha taught that women were so far below men in the chain of reincarnation that it made no sense to have Buddhist nuns (he acceded, finally, because if it did no good, it did no harm, either.) 

Worst, though, is Islam.  The veil, thin or heavy and suffocating, is but an outward sign of this oppression.  The ghastly practice of "female circumcision" is still endured by hundreds of millions of Moslem girls.  Women in "strict" Moslem nations do not drive or vote or rise above the low status prescribed by Islam for women.  This nightmare does not even end with death.  Mohammed told his followers that most of the denizens of Hell are women. 

Judaism, Zoroastrianism, and Bahá'í were notable for granting women much higher status than other old religions, but these four good faiths are relatively modest in numbers throughout the world, and the first two ceased proselytizing long ago. 

The real defender of women's rights in the world today is Christianity.  Indeed, one of the reasons Christians are mistreated and murdered in the Middle East and Africa today is specifically because a Christian society grants women rights Islam feels they should not have. 

Christianity has been the historic inspiration for every global movement to advance equality and humanity toward women.  Christian women battled for women's suffrage in the West and fought Gandhi in defense of the women of India.  The Roman Empire embraced the oppressed faith of Christianity, in large measure, because it first preached the spiritual equality of women.   

Anyone who truly cares about the condition of women in the world today champions these brave Christians and denounces the dangers of Islam to women.  Hillary is no friend of women at all, however much she bleats differently.  She is an apologist for those true misogynists who accept the purist version of Islam, and so Hillary drearily recites the familiar leftist cant that "Islam is not our enemy" even as Islamists all over the world oppress women.