France Gets Its Priorities Right in the War against Islamist Terrorism

The terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13, 2015 have called for strong, decisive action in response to the real threat facing Western Europe, the U.S., and Russia.  The correct choice should be made.  The priority in the Middle East should be determined action against the perpetrators of an act of war by a terrorist army of ISIS and countering the Islamist terrorism of al-Qaeda, the chief threats to civilization. Differences exist about policy regarding Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and about the degree to which his ruthlessness has produced a vacuum that has allowed terrorism to thrive in Syria and Iraq.  Assad is a brutal murderer, responsible for thousands of deaths and millions of displaced persons as a result of the civil war in his country.  But he is not a killer of Americans or Western Europeans, nor is he a danger to the outside world.  His removal from power is highly desirable, but it is not a solution to the real threat facing the Western...(Read Full Article)