Europe's Neurotic Suicidality

Suicidality is the medical word for the chances that someone will commit suicide.  But medicine has no word for ideological suicidality – as in Japan's Bushido war cult, Jim Jones in Guyana, and jihadist war doctrine, which glorifies martyrdom in killing infidels for the greater glory of Allah.  That medical blind spot is ridiculous, because the daily news shows ideological suicide murders every single day.

Obama just assassinated a single terrorist in the Iraqi town of Raqqa, using zillion-dollar Reaper drones – probably the most expensive assassination in human history.  They killed a "British citizen" (jihadist bad guy), who had earned the death penalty many times over.

But look at this aerial photo of Raqqa, showing a huge building labeled "ISIS headquarters,"  just around the block from that elegantly precise assassination.  The United States and the U.K. together plotted it for the exact moment when Jihadi John walked out of a building to get into his car.  We can just imagine squads of White House lawyers sparring over Jihadi John's legal right to a fair trial.  Precision strike, indeed.

Killing one bad guy at enormous expense and finicky care gives Obama yet another victory lap.

"ISIS is contained" is the lie of the day.

Nobody in the White House apparently thought about smashing the ISIS headquarters that is still standing there, all three or four stories of it, right around the block in Raqqa.  A couple of old-fashioned dumb bombs would have vaporized that building, along with a good chunk of ISIS leadership, which has just released a video of a ISIS executing 74 children – see here.  All for the sake of Allah.

Those religious monsters, under the command of trained Wahhabi imams, are killing just as many innocent people today as they did before Jihadi John went to his 72 virgins.  Meanwhile, ISIS exploded a Russian passenger plane in midflight a week ago, and they just machine-gunned more than 150 civilians in Paris near the location of the Charlie Hebdo cartoon attack.

All of them jihadist acts of Quranic murder-suicide.

Qur'an 4:74: "Let those fight in the way of Allah sell the life of this world for the other. Whoso fighteth in the way of Allah, be he slain or be he victorious, on him We shall bestow a vast reward."

The modern world is acting helpless because we have psyched ourselves out.  We are not helpless, just suicidally self-destructive.

Obama's favorite act of taqiyya (jihadist deception) is to deny that Muslim theology has anything to do with suicide murders, in the face of the plain facts.  Our fantastically corrupt media follows Obama's latest lies, and ordinary Americans scratch their heads and wonder who's crazy.  (Hint: You are not.)

To answer Obama's lies and evasions, all we have to do is listen to Muslims who understand that the world will eventually go to total war to destroy jihad.  Egypt's president El-Sisi contradicts Obama's lies in every respect:

Is it possible that 1.6 billion people [Muslims] should want to kill the rest of the world's inhabitants – that is 7 billion – so that they themselves may live? Impossible!

We are in need of a religious revolution. You, imams, are responsible before Allah. The entire world is waiting for your next move.

In typical Obama fashion, we are supporting El-Sisi's deadly enemies, the Muslim Brotherhood, which is trying to destroy him.  The Moobers have agents all over the U.S. government, including Hillary's close assistant Huma Abedin.  Meanwhile, Obama is trying to destroy sane modernists like El-Sisi, empowering the old fascist cult of the Ikhwan.

Obama is a delusional Eurosocialist, like Angela Merkel, who reacted to the ISIS-infiltrated Syrian "refugee" "crisis" by inviting more Soldiers of Allah to come and kill German civilians.  Turkey's Islamofascist leader has just threatened to send more jihad invaders into Europe.  Erdoğan is a "neo-Ottoman," an aggressive Muslim imperialist.  Obama has called him his closest ally in the Middle East.  Obama always sides with evil.

Socialist Europeans actually believe in importing more millions of Muslim welfare voters, on the argument that native Europeans aren't having enough children, and those pre-medieval teenagers are needed to prop up the economy.

Suicidality is usually delusional.  It goes along with compulsive self-hatred.

The multicultural propaganda campaign set the stage for importing those 50 million jihadists.  "Syrian refugees" have just arrived from a vicious civil war where one side dropped nail bombs on civilians, and the other side shot children belonging to the wrong brand of Islam.  Europe has no way to separate jihadis from "real" refugees.  They aren't even trying.  Cultural suicide has become their identity.  They are proud of it.

The only Europeans who are still in touch with reality today are Vladimir Putin and "radical right-wing parties" – which are always smeared as neo-Nazis; in fact, they are getting votes by telling the truths that everybody knows but won't say out loud.  Europe is pathologically stuck in suicidal guilt, just as suicidally depressed people are stuck in their personal self-hate.  The 300 million people of Europe imported 50 million Muslims, knowing that most mosques are run by Saudi (Wahhabi) imams who rant every Friday for the death of Europe.  They may look crazy, and they are crazy, but they are crazy-dangerous, like Hitler and Stalin.

Guess who is losing this war.  Guess who doesn't have the guts or the elementary sense of justice to punish ideological criminals.

Obama was too delicate to do in Raqqa what Harry S Truman would have done in the blink of an eye.  This whole hand-holding minuet between Our Guy and Britain's David Cameron gives a whole new meaning to "radical chic": an elegant and morally pristine way to kill mass murdering criminals at enormous expense, one by one, while they are busy planning the next of civilian massacre in France, London or New York.

Dr. Ben Carson knows what to do when a brain cancer is growing out of control.  He understands about preventive medicine – called "pre-emption" in wartime.  This goofy fairyland administration doesn't have a clue.  Whenever they get a chance they tell us to love the killers without bothering to stop them.  But forgiveness works only when ideological killers are gone.  (Viz., Nazis, the Divine Emperor cult in WWII, Jim Jones, and 1,200 years of jihad.)

Is Obama faking pinprick attacks while actually supporting the most demonic murder cult since the Nazis?  It sure looks like it.

Vladimir Putin came to power in Russia by taking brutal revenge on Chechen jihadis, who shot many elementary school children in Beslan, and took a whole theater audience hostage in Moscow.  Putin is a ruthless despot, but his moral sense is intact.  Obama's is not.  He doesn't get simple human justice.

Obama has never expressed a moment's regret about black gangsters in inner-city Chicago, who kill innocent children every week.  Black-on-black killing doesn't touch his soul.  Instead, he keeps stoking up racial strife by phony Soros fronts like Black Lives Matter.

Putin bombarded whole cities in Chechnya, as Russians have always done, on the bet that a quick victory is better than a long drawn-out defeat.  I don't necessarily approve of Putin's brutality, but he has a point.  On balance, Putin's moral grounds are pretty solid, like Harry Truman's moral decisions at the end of the War in the Pacific.

Putin believes in wiping out barbarians, like the czars.  Obama believes in effete surrender to the Taliban, to the nuke-hungry mullahs, and yes, to al-Qaeda.  Obama has an inverted moral sense.  That is the never-ending failure of the left, and it's now been running American policy for seven years.  When the mullahs get nukes, even socialist appeasers will have to choose: surrender or fight.

Are you feeling safer after seven years of racial socialism?