Black People Must Be Livid at the Keystone Job Killer-In-Chief

Everybody knows the only reason why so many black people spend so much time in prison is because there are no jobs.

This is Article of Faith Number One among reporters and public officials and pundits who, on the one hand, deny black crime is a problem, then on the other, insist it is a problem that is all about jobs.

So every single one of these job-loving apologists must be livid that the president just said he was going to stop the construction of the Keystone pipeline.

Just think of the tens of thousands of jobs that those work-hungry prisoners are going to miss out on. They must be upset too.

And how often have we heard the president himself and his cronies drone on about jobs, jobs, jobs every time they talk about the incredible level of crime among black people.

All the time.

Ferguson, Baltimore, and other scenes of large scale black mob violence and criminality are just more examples of what desperate people do when they cannot find a job.

Sound familiar?

So get ready for the anger, right?


Not one of those people give a damn about the jobs at the Keystone pipeline. Or anywhere else.

In Wilmington, Delaware, a huge shipping company wanted to spend $250 million to replace an antiquated port with a modern container shipping facility. This investment would have turned Wilmington into a center of commerce for the richest consumer market in the world: The Eastern Seaboard of the United States.

Wilmington is a Chocolate City with black public officials always lamenting there are no jobs.

But like the Keystone pipeline, the job lovers in Wilmington were not just absent, they were the ones out front killing this new proposal for a new port.

And not one of the so-called job-lovers said a word

Just like Keystone.

Sure, a few union stooges will stand up and put on a perfunctory performance about what a tragedy this is. But it’s all kabuki: They will be throwing trash cans full of money at Democrat PAC’s next year, just the way they always do.

Pipeline or no. Port or no. Jobs or no.

This president is ending his administration the way he began it: In total ignorance about what a job is. And who makes it.

Remember his “shovel-ready jobs” scheme that was going to flood the country with new roads and bridges and yes, even pipelines?

Turns out it was not money that was holding many of those projects back. A road can take twenty years to plan and begin -- all because of the environmental obstacles that road builders must navigate. All put in place by the same people who march for jobs one day, but kill them the next.

Just like Keystone.

How many homes are not built, how many power plants never get off the drawing board, how many factories remain only a dream because some control freak in a government office promises to take this life-giving activity and turn it into a decades-long trek through the inner circles of hell?

They are legion.

Yet like clockwork, the same people who kill jobs today, turn up tomorrow shrieking that black people need jobs and why don’t white people get busy and make some.

Now that they are finished, at least for now, burning Ferguson and Baltimore for lack of jobs, maybe some of these jobless folks with so much time on their hands can look at Keystone. No need to burn that down. Your chief ally in creating jobs just took care of that for you.

Colin Flaherty is the author of the best selling Don’t Make The Black Kids Angry: The hoax of black victimization.