Why Liberals Identify with Criminals

Liberals hate cops, honest citizens with guns, and hard sentencing laws because liberals identify with criminals.

When visiting a Federal prison Obama summarized the view of liberals when he said:

“These are young people who made mistakes that aren’t that different than the mistakes I made and the mistakes that a lot of you guys made."

While the people in the prison he was talking about were really drug dealers and violent felons, Obama, was repeating the liberal lie that the prisons are full of folks who just smoked a joint and got caught.

Liberals are five times more likely to use marijuana and cocaine than conservatives. A natural consequence of drug use is fear of the police. While the U.S. has an overly soft policy towards drug users, users are nonetheless afraid of the consequence of getting caught breaking the law. This fosters in liberals an anti-cop mentality, since the police are the agents of society that enforce society’s laws against drug use.

If a liberal dislikes the police because he thinks they are unfairly targeting his “harmless” drug use it’s not a big step for him to assume that cops are racist and violent towards other “innocent” people. After all if a liberal believes that cops are “racist pigs” then it becomes clear that arresting “innocent” drug users is an act of fascist repression and that drug users are actually victims of the “police state” not criminals.

This antipathy towards the law because of drugs is not new. During Prohibition Americans who liked to drink lost respect for the police. Anyone who likes to do things that are illegal is going to develop a distaste for the men and women in blue who enforce the law. It’s a natural consequence of the fact that human nature is such that we usually try and rationalize our behavior by scapegoating someone else.

The problem is exacerbated because for many liberals, such as Obama, drug use began when they were highly impressionable teens; biases developed at a young age are often much harder to escape than those developed later in life.

Further because illegal drug users are criminals, that is they are intentionally breaking the law, they tend to identify with other criminals rather than with the criminal justice system or victims.

Drug users rationalizes their criminal acts by saying it’s the law that’s bad, that the “system” is unjust, that they’re being unfairly persecuted; exactly the same sort of rationalizations that every criminal uses. It’s not surprising then that liberals will identify with the criminal rather than the victim or the police.

Like other criminals, liberal law breakers often believe that what they do doesn’t hurt others. Robbers will rationalize that they’re stealing from people who are rich only because the system is corrupt and that they, the robbers, are just getting what should be theirs, and anyway the “rich” they’re stealing from won’t miss what was stolen. Rapists will claim that the woman “asked for it” and that “no means yes.” Similarly liberals argue that their drug use doesn’t hurt anyone. Apparently liberals either don’t care or are unaware of the victims of their drug use.

Drug use however does have many victims; the gang wars in our cities, the massive deaths of blacks in our cities, the chaos and death in Mexico are all fueled by the dollars of American drug users. Mexico is turning into a cesspool of violence and corruption because Americans want their drugs and they don’t care who suffers.

The river of drug money also leads to the corruption of the police that in turn causes the very sort of police misconduct that liberals excoriate.

However, liberals tend to be people who eschew personal responsibility so they fail to see the connection between their giving money to criminal organizations and the violent acts of those cartels.

If liberals were to admit to themselves that the average cop is a decent person who tries to treat people fairly, they’d have to confront the fact that it’s a liberal’s choice to break the law that makes liberals fear the police. Sadly, liberal DNA just doesn’t include accepting responsibility for one’s actions so they continue to blame others for the consequences of their drug use, including their fear of police.

Of course, not all liberals are drug users. Some liberals probably view the police as the enemy because they’ve committed other crimes. For example, Hillary Clinton’s feeling that she’s been persecuted in encounters with the law over Whitewater and various other scandals may have put her on the side of criminals. And of course all the corrupt liberal politicians in Chicago and Detroit have ample reason to side with the bad guys.

Once we realize that liberals identify with criminals, their actions make sense. A person who thinks the justice system is anything but just will work hard to make cop’s job harder while giving criminals as many loopholes as he can.

Similarly if a person thinks of criminals as oppressed victims then they will have no problem with Supreme Court rulings that put impossible burdens on the police who have to make split second decisions in complex situations.

But worst of all, a person who views the police as the bad guys will buy into the lie of the Black Lives Matter movement that cops are killing people for no good reason. That in turn leads to lack of interest on their part concerning the safety of police.

In the end, liberal identification with criminals leads to the police knowing that the politicians don’t have their backs and to a reduction in effective crime control. It’s not an accident that liberals disagree with Giuliani’s “Broken Window” policing philosophy, since liberals don’t seem to care about the victims of “petty” crimes.

We need to tell the American people, our friends and neighbors, the truth that liberals aren’t like honest folk instead liberals identify with criminals and therefore support laws that favor criminals over victims and society.

It’s time to realize that liberals are rooting for the wrong side in the war on crime.

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