Wanted: A President of Good Character

The GOP establishment is really annoyed with conservative voters for not letting them pick the next president, and Peter Wehner has just been given a megaphone to tell us so in the New York Times.

Mr. Wehner calls his piece, "Seeking a president, no experience necessary."

That contemptuous sneer is aimed at you, me, and the other 90 million idiots who aren't kowtowing to his kind.

Not this time, Mr. Wehner.

Instead, let's look at our experiences -- of GOP establishment candidates. 

Bob Dole (remember him?) was the logical pick in 1996, and is now mainly remembered for falling off a stage. Nice man, but doomed to lose.

Then John McCain received the blessing from above, having served in the Senate forever, and looking like A Weekend at Bernie's.

What a great pick.   

Mitt Romney was next, and never counter-punched at the howling jackals of the media. Romney could not tell the plain truth to the anointed Messiah of 2008, Barack Hussein Obama, who was qualified by the color of his skin. Plus huge, unreported rivers of radical Muslim money, from the Saudis, from the fascist Muslim Brothers and the Iranian mullahs. Obama was the favorite son of Emil Jones, the Godfather of the Illinois Machine, and that tells you everything you need to predict his every move in the last six or seven years.

Obama is undoubtedly the most dangerous, incompetent, and navel-gazing president in history. He came in without executive or legislative experience. But that wasn’t a problem in 2008; nobody was even allowed to ask about his experience for fear of being witch-hunted by the Leftist mafia.

Obama is certainly turning out to be historic. So was John Wilkes Booth. (And how did you like your night at the theater, Mrs. Lincoln?)

But it’s not a joke.  

So the Democrats have gotten away with high crimes and misdemeanors. Again.

That's our experience of your friends, Mr. Wehner. The GOP isn't having a good century. Like every gerontocracy in history they only care to cling to power. They can't seem to remember what it's all about.

The United States is getting slapped around by every thug and bully in the world, from Vladimir Putin, playing the Czar of All Russias, to the Chinese, the Stalinist North Koreans, the proto-Nazis of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Jihadi butchers of ISIS, and most of all, the Persian rug-sellers of Tehran. What a crew.

Under Obama the nuclear horse has finally escaped from the barn, and will soon join the other four horsemen of the Apocalypse. Obama hasn’t even tried to stop it, after swearing to do so, in public, a couple of hundred times. At the same time Valerie Jarrett was negotiating surrender behind the scenes.

All that, thanks to the Washington establishment -- yes, even the GOP and the DC lifers -- the permanent bureaucrats.

We are told by one of the great truth-tellers of our age, Admiral James Lyons, that our intelligence agencies have long been penetrated by radical Muslim cults, going back some forty years. Two hundred flag-rank officers recently signed a statement pointing to the national security disaster of surrendering to the mullahs, and the media mob barely made it a one-day story. They were too busy celebrating Mohammed the 13-year old bomb faker.

Washington, DC, has no capacity to reform itself. The more "government experience" they have, the more they are stuck.

We are losing the Long Jihad War that began on 9/11/01, and the GOP says nothing, does nothing, and just kowtows to the most radical leftist in U.S. history.

They just bit the dust on a shamelessly unconstitutional "treaty" with the most nuke-happy Armageddon regime in the world.

The GOP collapsed before a piratical Federal takeover of the best medical economy in the world, which is now beginning to ration medical care. Obama's openly expressed contempt for the Constitution is being echoed in the Supreme Court itself.

The GOP doesn't seem to notice or care.

Today the establishment wants Jeb Bush. After all, he has “government experience,” and is now scoring 4% in the polls. I'd be happy to have a beer with Jeb, but I would never, ever vote for him at a time of national crisis. He's been groveling to the Leftist mafia in the most nauseating way.

Conservatives are watching it all.

We don't want "government experience" -- not if that means a lifetime of surrender

This time, Republicans need to run a person of character. Anyone who's lived through the Clinton and Obama years can recognize corrupt sleazocrats, like Hillary and her Muslim friend Huma, soaring above the voters on their magical broomstick. Even the Left finally understands their endless sleaze, but they don’t have the guts to say so.


This time we want a man or woman of character. One who is strong enough to whip the jackals in DC and around the world.

That's why Donald Trump is doing well. Trump fights back. Cruz has been fighting back. Ben Carson is beginning to learn how to fight back.

Maybe a few others are, too.

Still, the RINOs are already cringing before they get smeared by the most corrupt media in history. We know what that looks like.  We’ve seen it before. None of the RINOs will get the nomination -- not even the stealth RINOs.

Normal people have figured out that “having government experience" means nothing -- if the candidate has no guts, no honesty, no willingness to tell the truth.

Our experience is that that the DC establishment has execrable judgment about human character. Any CEO who picked this bunch should be fired.

And most of all, we’ve learned that everybody over there has their hands out. They don’t care for our national welfare, or even for our survival. 

We've learned that Republicans are trembling with fear from constant media smears. They’re not even raising their heads above the parapet. For the Left, this is war. If our side is shell-shocked, take them out of combat and send them to the nearest hospital. Don’t expect them to fight.

We've heard from genuine military and foreign policy experts that DC has let itself be infiltrated by the deadly enemies of this country. But nobody told the American people, for fear we would insist on a radical cleanup.

We've also learned that DC covers up its misdeeds, policy disasters, and most of all, its endemic corruption.

We've seen DC crumble to the baksheesh culture of the Third World, where everything is for sale.

If Obama were faced with a nuclear Hitler or Stalin, he would preemptively surrender to them. For a price.

Our media are owned by half a dozen transnational corporations who shield trillions of dollars from American taxation, while whipping up daily headlines about flesh-eating bacteria. They wouldn’t recognize the truth if it hit them in the face. Every sane person is turning to the web, because we know we’ll never find it in the Big Media.

Speaking for myself, I've learned that Chief Justice John Roberts has caught the DC disease. When FDR tried to pack the U.S. Supreme Court in 1937, the Court stood up for itself and restored the independence of the judiciary. But the Roberts Court has allowed its constitutional role to be whittled down, just like the Senate and the House.

As for the lifers in DC, the FBI, CIA, Justice Department, IRS and the Secret Service -- they've all gone banana republic.

Is it any wonder that people are disgusted and afraid?

Nobody in DC seems to show any character, honesty or courage. If the Founders were alive they would vomit at the sight.

Character is what we need. If "government experience" means endless compromise with the culture of corruption, Americans do not want it. We've seen too much "government experience."

We've had enough.

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