Turkey's ISIS Trigger-Men

The Islam Tea House was a well-known Islamic State hang-out in Turkey.  Well known to the police, the media, and the parents who tried to shut it down.  Despite the omniscient hawk-eyes of the Turkish intelligence service the owners were able to proselytize, go to Syria and return as deadly suicide bombers.

Yunus Emre Alagoz is identified by Turkish media, including the pro government newspaper, Yeni Safak, as one of the suicide bombers in the Ankara massacre October 10th. More than 100 people died and hundreds more are injured in the attack on a peaceful rally.


His brother, and partner in the tea house, is identified as one of the suicide bombers responsible for the July massacre in Suruc, not far from the brother’s hometown and tea house, in which 33 people died during another pro-Kurdish rally.  This one of mostly young activists.

The brother’s friend from the tea-house, Orhan Gonder, is charged with bombing yet another pro-Kurdish rally, this one in Diyarbakir in June. This information, according to Bloomberg Business, was contained in a field report from the southern town of Adiyaman compiled by the main opposition party known as CHP.  The activities of the radical Islamic brothers in Adiyaman and the Adiyaman cell were reported in Turkish media.

For nearly two years the brother’s father, and the parents of other young people worried about their children’s radicalization, pleaded with police to shut down the Islam Tea House.  But they were allowed to continue serving-up their deadly brew.

Despite the warnings, the government said it couldn’t arrest the brothers until they acted.  Yet, since the June 7 elections (in which President Erdogan’s party failed to win a majority and the Kurds surged to 13% giving them seats in Parliament)  3,362 people, almost all connected to Kurdish organizations, have been detained by the government in anti-terror operations. This according to information released by the state run Anadolu Agency on October 14, 2015, and published by Bloomberg Business.

How could Turkey’s massive secret police, and in turn government, not have known when seemingly all of the Turkish media knew?

The brother’s father told the Turkish daily newspaper Radikal, that he tried many times to get the police in Adiyaman to arrest his sons.  They took their statements and let them go. 

The Radikal newspaper reports parents in the city of 250,000, concerned about their children, stormed the Islam Tea House several times before police eventually shut it down for operating without a license.   The brothers then went to Syria. They returned as suicide bombers massacring 132 people, mostly Kurds and their supporters. The Kurds are fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

An article in Thursday’s Ozgur Gundem claims the evidence is growing that elements within the Turkish state had prior knowledge of the Ankara bombing attacks.  It further suggests that the state used ISIS as its trigger-man to try and stop the momentum of the pro-Kurdish HDP party in the run-up to the repeat general elections on November first.

Meanwhile, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his ruling party focuses it’s security efforts on the Kurds and blames radical Kurds along with ISIS for the bombings of the pro-Kurdish rallies.