The GOP Field and Jihad

As the world faces the rising threat of Islamic supremacy, the number of leaders speaking the whole hideous truth about this evil can be counted on one hand. If GOP presidential candidates are our future, will any of them rise to the occasion and be a bold voice for truth when speaking about this force that seeks to destroy us? I decided to find out. Below is a snapshot of where the top six candidates stand on the threat of jihad, with a focus on four sub-topics noted below:

  • Islamic law (sharia)
  • Immigration jihad (hijra), addressed in the context of the current “Syrian refugee crisis”
  • Response to Ben Carson’s statements on Muslims, sharia law, the Constitution, and the presidency
  • Miscellany (additional noteworthy points that vary from one candidate to the next)

Donald Trump

  • In 2011, spoke about the U.S. having a “Muslim problem,” though expressed lack of knowledge about the teachings of the Quran. Made similarly broad comments this year without elaboration.
  • Expressed a range of opinions about whether the U.S. should accept “Syrian refugees,” from “possibly yes” to “we have to.” Most recently stated that if he becomes president he will send back any Syrian refugees Obama admits, while noting that many are young males who look like fighters. Wonders if this wave of refugees could be a “military coup” or a “Trojan horse.”
  • Most recently stated in response to a question about Carson’s comments: “it’s an argument I won’t get into.”
  • Slammed Pamela Geller after the Draw Mohammed Free Speech event in Texas, blaming her for the attempted terror attack instead of  the jihadist. Would consider a Muslim American to be a member of his cabinet, stating “I love the Muslims. I think they’re great people.”

Ben Carson

  • Speaks out about the conflict between Islam and our Constitution. Said “we don’t want to import that type of ideology into America” and we must remain a nation founded on Judeo-Christian values. Warned of the threat of Islamic terrorists seeking to destroy the United States, both from without and from within.
  • Addressed the dangers of accepting “Syrian refugees,” stating we cannot afford to expose ourselves to the following risks: we don’t know who these people are, the vast majority are young males, once we admit them their families can follow, the chances are too high that ISIS is among them, we have no way to screen for those who may have a “proclivity” to become radicalized once they’re here, and our lack an “excellent screening mechanism” that would guarantee our ability to ensure not a single terrorist got through.
  • Talks about national pride, noting that immigrants don’t get to change who we are as a people and as a nation. Called on the IRS to investigate CAIR and has exposed them as a terror organization.

Carly Fiorina

  • Said we’re in a “religious war,” believes terrorists who kill in the name of Islam are “subverting their religion,” and that Islam is being used an as “excuse” to murder people. Immediately following the 9/11 terror attacks, made a deeply disturbing statement praising the Caliphate. Two years later did it again, praising the Caliphate and pointing to Mohammed as a “wise” prophet.
  • Alluded to not taking “Syrian refugees,” saying we can’t afford to relax our entrance criteria and that Europe needs to do more.
  • Disagreed with (and misrepresented) Carson’s statements. Response included the comment that “anyone of any faith is welcome here” while drawing a moral equivalence among Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.
  • Praised Egyptian President El-Sisi’s call for an Islamic reformation.

Marco Rubio

  • Frames the conflict between Islam and the West as ideological in nature, stated that “radical Islamic terror” is the greatest threat the U.S. faces, and said the root cause of jihad is linked to “oppression.”
  • Open to the idea of taking in “Syrian refugees” as long as we make sure no terrorists are admitted.
  • Distorted Carson’s words and expressed a dangerous level of naiveté while stating that no persons should be disqualified from being president because of their faith. Also assumed/hoped a person with radical views of any kind would never be elected president.
  • Wants to increase H1B visas for foreign workers and foreign students that will result in, among other things, more Muslim immigrants. Joined John McCain and others in criticizing former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann in her call to investigate Muslim Brotherhood infiltration into government agencies. Refused to appear at a Tea Party event that included Pamela Geller, winning praise from Muslim Brotherhood front group, CAIR.

Jeb Bush

  • Stated that Islam has been “hijacked” by “barbarians” who want to “destroy Western civilization.”
  • Thinks we should accept “Syrian refugees” as long as we have a strong screening process. Compared the “Syrian refugee” crisis to other waves of refugees we have accepted in the past. Said we should only accept Christian refugees from Syria and Iraq who are in imminent danger.
  • Danced around Carson’s statement by saying religion should not be a criteria for the presidency.
  • Believes the U.S. needs to develop international coalitions to take out terrorists and that “our enemies need to fear us, a little bit, just enough for them to deter their actions.” Top campaign advisor (Jordan Sekulow) is outspoken against Islam. Bush-appointed Florida judge cleared the path for a case to be ruled upon based on sharia law.

Ted Cruz

  • Spoke at the Defeat Jihad Summit this year. Has said sharia law is an “enormous problem” in the United States. Chairman of Cruz’s campaign in Tennessee is a person who is outspoken against sharia law.
  • Alluded to not taking in “Syrian refugees” stating that Congress needs more information on the vetting process before moving forward with Obama’s plan to accept them. Said it doesn’t make sense logistically to move masses of people far from home since the ultimate goal is for them to return when the crisis ends, while also noting security risks to the United States. Stated that until we address the cause of this crisis, there will continue to be hordes of migrants fleeing the region.
  • Responding to Carson’s comments, noted the Constitution allows anyone to be president. Avoided skewering Islam and/or calling out the legitimacy of CAIR during a recent interview that touched upon Carson’s comments and references to CAIR.
  • Was unafraid to appear with Pamela Geller for a photo op.

So where does this leaves us? Let’s start with some broad observations.

Few candidates appear to have even a basic understanding of the core teachings of the Quran. And most appear to lack the curiosity to learn. Instead, they peddle the lie that jihadists are distorting laudable Islamic values.

All the candidates refer to “radical Islamic terror” or “Islamic extremism” which is another way of misrepresenting the truth about Islam -- a totalitarian ideology that is radical and extreme by its very nature. 

None of the candidates appear to know anything about hijra and some are willing to consider accepting Muslim invaders as long as we don’t import any terrorists. Well of course we don’t want to import terrorists. But we will. And not only terrorists, but loads of people who will become terrorists. Because that’s just the way it is with masses of people from Islamic countries.

As for those candidates who are skeptical of taking in “Syrian refugees,” I have yet to hear any of them state a simple “no” to the question of whether we should. Several have pointed out the risks but have stopped short of using the word “no.” They need to use it. It would make their position crystal clear. In addition, every candidate needs to be talking about the issues Trump and Carson raised with respect to questioning who these “refugees” are, while noting that most are young males. Kudos to Trump for suggesting the possibility of a Trojan horse. Yes, it is a Trojan horse. Every single candidate needs to understand that so we can move forward.

And could we please hurry up with the moving forward part because we’re 1400 years into this and stuck on stupid?

Regrettably, no other candidate stood with Ben Carson when he raised the issue of Islamic law being in direct contradiction to our Constitution and our Judeo-Christian values. Most twisted his words and ran for the hills. Why? It was a golden opportunity to stand against Islamic supremacism. Carson has become a rare candidate who is educating himself on Islam and who is unafraid to speak out. I say: Bravo, Dr. Carson. Please keep going!

On the flip side, we have Carly Fiorina who asserts the lie that jihadists are “subverting their religion” while concurring that a “reformation” is needed. Why would a reformation be needed if Islam is fine the way it is? As to her moral equivalence among Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, we cannot afford more of this kind of “thinking.” A religion that is also a political system that mandates world domination is hardly on par with the teachings of Christianity or Judaism. And her comments about the Caliphate and Mohammed remain utterly reprehensible.

Marco Rubio has been wrong on just about everything. The same goes for Jeb Bush. And although I don’t want this article to become much longer, I have to point out that Bush’s statement that “our enemies need to fear us, a little bit,” is absurd. “A little bit?” Good grief!

Trump has made the occasional statement that has some potential merit, but like most candidates, he does not appear interested in educating himself on the Quran. Until he does, he will be in a significantly weakened position regarding who the enemy is, what drives the enemy’s actions, and how best to protect the country from forces within and without that seek to destroy us.

And what about Cruz? He promises more than he delivers. When speaking about Islam he needs to spend less time criticizing Obama and more time explaining his own plans for how to face down Islamic supremacy. Cruz’s expressed concern about sharia law is well founded, but he has not provided much elaboration. I have the impression Cruz may be more knowledgeable on the subject of Islam than most other candidates. If so, he needs to speak out strongly and often. For a candidate who talks about “courage,” “truth,” and “painting in bold colors,” he needs to own up to these standards when addressing the myriad ways Islam threatens our survival.

So here we are. Fourteen years post 9/11 and 1400 years into Islam’s war against civilization and, for the most part, our future leaders still have no clue. How is it that so many of us have educated ourselves while most of those seeking the highest office in the land remain mired in ignorance and/or cowardice?

And not to make a bleak picture more bleak, but their weaknesses extend far beyond the areas discussed in this article. No one is addressing the full breadth of the threat we are facing, such as the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood into every arm of government, the proliferation of mosques that preach jihad, school curriculum that whitewashes Islam, lawfare, and so forth.

It doesn’t bode well.

Without a solid understanding of what we are up against and a willingness to speak out about it, no candidate is prepared to make the kinds of decisions required to ensure our nation is secure as the Islamic advance against the West, and indeed all of civilization, continues without relent.