The Anatomy of Hillary's Electorate

Democrat propaganda since FDR has been that they are the party of “a chicken in every pot,” while Republicans are the party of “no soup for you.” This strategy won Obama two terms in office during which he raised the national debt to astronomical levels.

A Clinton-Sanders, Clinton-O’Malley or Clinton-Whoever ticket is sure to deploy the same strategy. Hillary has already indicated she would, in effect, buy off “the kids” with free college tuition. The list of freebies in Comrade Sanders’ bag is even longer.

The beneficiaries of Obama’s spendthrift ways expect the goodies to flow uninterrupted under a Clinton administration. Here are some key groups.

1. The millions of Americans who pay no (or virtually no) taxes and will be getting free health care under Obamacare as well as many other benefits.

2. Crony capitalists of one kind or another, especially those in “green” industries despite the fact that there is nothing whatever to show for the billions the feds have handed them. Remember Solyndra?

3. The ever-growing grievance industry, which includes Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow/PUSH and Al Sharpton’s National Action Network. These folks had no trouble getting tax-exempt status from the IRS even though they are mere extensions of the Democrat Party and will certainly be featured at the convention next summer along with “Black Lives Matter,” um, representatives.

4. Academia generally, which benefits from government grants and subsidies funneled through the Department of Education and its various agencies such as the National Endowment for the Humanities. Never mind that obscenely large amount of money are eaten up by departments where “____Studies” courses dispense left-wing = Democrat/socialist/communist/anti-American propaganda.

One large Clinton contingent, then, is composed of people who will vote for her mainly for economic reasons: they know that voting Democrat means, and has meant since FDR, free money. These expectations, unthinkable when our Founding Fathers created our system of government and for over 150 years thereafter, are pretty much here to stay thanks to generations of Pavlovian conditioning by Democrats.

What can Republicans do?

They will need, somehow, to reassure Group 1 that they’ll be taken care of. Adjustments will need to be made to avoid long-term bankruptcy, which should also be made clear.

Group 2 is hardly a Democrat invention -- not even the “green” grifters -- so these folks wouldn’t have that much to worry about under Donald, Ben, Ted, Marco, or Jeb.

Groups 3 and 4 are joined at the hip to the Democrats but they’re not large enough to affect the election. Group 3 can be counted on to make trouble at the Republican convention.

We now come to ideological groups of Hillary supporters that will be difficult for a Republican to dislodge. I will leave it to those who do this for a living to determine the size and relative strength of each group.

1. Diehard feminists who believe the campaign is a struggle to elect the first woman president, which must happen at all costs. They do not care about Hillary’s cattle futures fiasco, Whitewater, Vince Foster, Monica Lewinsky, Benghazi, the naïve “reset” with Russia, the email server lies and the fact that she was disaster as Secretary of State.

2. The abortion industry and millions of American women who believe that only a liberal president can be trusted to make sure that nothing, absolutely nothing will be done to take Roe v. Wade off the books, amend it, or change how the law is currently applied.

3. Statists who believe that government is the answer because the private sector cannot be trusted to make decisions that benefit society as a whole. They think, like Bernie Sanders, that the free-enterprise system is rigged to favor the wealthy.

4. Atheists, agnostics, and others who oppose any role whatsoever that religion might play in American life. To these folks, morality is “like, a personal choice” with no relation to a higher authority or any kind of objective standard.

5. Hillary-by-default types who cannot bring themselves to vote Republican out of visceral hatred for a party they associate with retrograde ideas. These are folks who consider “progressive,” even if just a vague label, part of their emotional DNA.

6. Moslems who wish to see America abandon its support of Israel, which they believe (correctly) would never happen under a Republican Administration. They will lobby hard for the appointment of Huma Abedin to a key position in a Clinton Administration.

7. Finally, as Wednesday night’s debate in Boulder proved once again, MSM toadies will go hard after Republicans and will figure out a variety of ways to minimize Hillary’s many problems. By moving to impeach the head of the IRS, Republicans warned the DOJ that whitewashing the FBI investigation of Hillary’s email server will not be tolerated. (Charles Krauthammer is wrong that the IRS impeachment will “backfire.”)

I will leave it to the army of GOP consultants to figure out how to deal with Groups 1-6. The process of defanging the MSM has already started thanks to Trump and the beating the CNBC moderators took at the hands of Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. Keep it up!