Presidential Candidates Have a Golden Opportunity to Speak the Truth About Islam

Jahiliyyah is Arabic for ignorance, and it is the word that Muslims use to label the era prior to the arrival of Muhammad in Arabia -- the Period of Ignorance they call it, ignorance about the true religion that Muhammad was commissioned by Allah to reveal to all mankind, or so Muslims believe.

Thanks to disinformation and politically correct avoidance, Americans have a bad case of ignorance about the real Muhammad. Not knowing the facts about him in this day and age is the new jahiliyyah, and at a time of crucial national elections, what Americans don’t know about the man who is at the root of all the Islamic horror that is exploding around the world is dangerous.

Muhammad was anything but holy and his message came from anywhere but God.  Take a peek behind the protective curtain that Islam has erected around its founder and you will find a strange man who fell into epileptic swoons and believed the experiences of ecstasy that his malformed temporal lobe dished up was communion with God.  Not only was he strange in that way, he was also extremely violent and killed and terrorized people who refused to believe him when he told them God talked to him through an angel.

Here are some examples of what America’s jahiliyyah about Muhammad consists of:

It is likely few people know that in spreading his cult Muhammad committed almost every crime listed by the International Criminal Court as a crime against humanity, yet two-thirds of the biographical details about him in the original Islamic literature give blow-by-blow accounts of these crimes.  His crimes would get him hung today. They certainly discredit everything he claimed about himself.

It is certain that few people realize that Muhammad was an intellectual thief.  He took the prophet legends of the Jews and refashioned them so that he was the hero of their stories -- the last and final prophet before the days of resurrection and judgment.  He took his resurrection and judgment stories from Christianity and again inserted himself as the hero: He will be the first to be resurrected, and he will assist God in determining who should be spared the flames of hell.  He will be the Creator's right hand man.  There is a word for this in psychiatry: It’s called grandiosity, a serious mental ailment. Muhammad was afflicted with it to the point that he declared himself to be the interface between God and man.

Even fewer people understand that everything they do not know about Muhammad -- and this is certainly the most troubling part of America’s jahiliyyah -- constitutes the best weapon that can be used in defense against what he created.  What he created wants to take over the world, and it is making rapid progress.  The best weapon to counter it is out there. It’s a matter learning the about the weapon and doing something with it.

At a time of choosing new leaders, Americans remain immersed in jahiliyyah, and this is because no one speaks the truth to them.  Politicians, academics, journalists, and even many clerics are ignorant about what is behind Islam.  The ones with a few ideas give the politically correct spin to what little they know.  Yet it is not possible to understand what Islam does without understanding Muhammad.  You cannot defend yourself against what you do not understand, but you can be defeated by it.

Who will speak the truth?  Who will lead America out of its jahiliyyah?

Forget the Democrats.  They live in a political culture that is almost as distorted as the one Muhammad created.  Truth need not apply.  Myth is their reality and the real world is a Republican delusion.  Obama has thrown open the gate to Islam at home and abroad.  Another Democrat would be another Islam enabler. Follow people like that down the road they are traveling and nation’s destruction is assured.

The only hope is with the Republicans, but to date, only a few of the candidates have made statements about Islam, and these have been timid.  Like boxers, they have danced around the subject, but have not yet thrown any punches.

Donald Trump has made the boldest of the timid statements.  As far back as 2010, he said that world has a “Muslim problem,” a claim he repeated after becoming a candidate for the Republican nomination for president. After a lot of hedging and making a distinction between "radical" Muslims and "moderate" Muslims, he recently told Greta Van Susteren: “You do have a problem with the radical Muslims and the whole thing that’s going on around the world … a lot of people don’t what to hear about it.  They think it's not politically correct to say whatever you want to say about it, but the problem exists so we have to talk about it.

Good, but not adequate.  Why are Muslims a problem?  Is it because of the Koran, or Sharia law, or jihad?  Certainly, but who composed the Koran?  Whose law is Sharia law?  Who brought about jihad?  There is a culprit in all of this, and his name is Muhammad.  Say it, Donald.

Ben Carson has also nibbled around the edges.  Trump is like most people in that he relies on his gut to tell him what is true and what is false and his gut leads him to say what he has said on the subject.  Carson gives the impression he knows more, that he has studied it to some extent.  His entry into this important topic came on Sept. 19 when he stated on NBC’s Meet the Press that he would find it unacceptable to have a Muslim as president of the United States because the Islamic faith is inconsistent with the Constitution.  He backtracked the next day by saying he could support a Muslim for president as long as he placed the Constitution above Muhammad’s law.  Stick to your guns, Ben.  Don’t backtrack. There is a culprit who needs to be denounced, and his name is Muhammad.

Ted Cruz may still be ignorant about the nature of Islam, or at least feigns it.  When asked if he agreed with Carson about disallowing a Muslim as president, Cruz said, “The Constitution specifies that there shall be no religious test for public office, and I am a constitutionalist.”  Unless he was skirting the question so as not to be led into making a statement about Islam that could be used against him, it would seem that Cruz has not examined Islam in any depth.  If he had, he would be at the front of the debate raising questions about the compatibility of Muhammad’s law with American law.  He would question if Islam is a religion; he would demand Congressional hearings to make a determination about it.  Cruz’s constitutional scruples would be easily resolved if he compared what Muslims consider jurisprudence with the U.S. Constitution.  Go for it, Ted.  Study what needs to be studied about the law Muhammad created and speak the truth about it to the American people.  How can a man who is still in jahiliyyah lead others out of jahiliyyah?

That is what Americans want: They want someone who will speak the truth about Islam, someone who will make the connection between what Muslims do and Muhammad and show its incompatibility with America.

It is still early in the campaign.  The candidates who have not yet done so still have time to learn the biography and traditions about Muhammad and read the Koran and see the connection between his life and the correlative entries in the Koran.  This knowledge is essential for a candidate who would lead America out of its jahiliyyah because among the most ignorant are tendentious people in the media who ask gotcha questions about Islam in order to label the candidate a racist or a bigot.  Thus the candidates are tempted to keep their mouths shut.

Knowledge is the best defense.  Imagine Trump or Carson being interviewed by Rachel Maddow, or Chris Matthews, or better yet by Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and the crew from ABC’s The View.  Imagine the candidate stating that the fundamental problem of Islam is the belief that God talked to Muhammad, that it is a false and dangerous premise because it leads Muslims to commit violence. To contain the likely outrage, the candidate would have to hold up his hands, furrow his brow and say, “Here’s a Koran verse that illustrates what I’m saying: ‘Allah made the Jews leave their homes by terrorizing them so that you killed some and made many captive. And He made you inherit their lands, their homes, and their wealth.’” (Koran 33:26) Before he can be interrupted, the candidate points out that Muhammad composed that verse after beheading 900 men and boys of a Jewish tribe because they refused to accept him as their prophet, then confiscated their homes and land and sold all of the women and children into slavery, but kept one of the prettiest of the Jewish girls for himself as a sex slave.

Rather revolting behavior for someone who is supposed to be a holy man, don’t you think ladies? “Muslims are violent because Muhammad was violent. They are obligated to follow his example,” the candidate concludes.

That is how to decapitate ignorant or malicious journalists and talk show hosts -- with the golden sword of knowledge.  How are you a bigot or a racist if you only point to the truth about Muhammad as found in Islam’s own literature?  People who react negatively to such revelations would only prove their ignorance, that they are still in a state of jahiliyyah.

Most Americans instinctively know there is something screwy about Islam, but they are not able to look behind the curtain to see the twisted creature behind it. The wrap is secure and firmly held by Muslims and their enablers.  Islam is all about the twisted creature they are hiding, and it always will be because Islam is all about his delusional claim that God talked to him.  Take Muhammad out of it and there is nothing left.

Americans want to know the truth about Islam.  The candidate who will tell them the truth will likely be the next president of the United States.

F. W. Burleigh is the author of It’s All About Muhammad, A Biography of the World’s Most Notorious Prophet. His book is based on a line-by-line study of 20,000 pages of the original literature of Islam, and contains 25 illustrations. The author blogs at